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He's too busy twittering; Your Say.

DURING last May's election campaign, Councillor Gareth Compton agreed to take up the case of a damaged retaining wall alongside Chester Road.

It is both unsightly and a danger to the passing schoolchildren. He said he would keep me informed.

Over the summer I sent him a couple of emails asking if there had been any progress. I received no reply.

A few weeks ago I wrote to his fellow Erdington Conservative councillors explaining the situation. They replied saying they had contacted Coun Compton, that he was progressing the case and would be in touch. I still have not heard anything from him and am now working with a local campaigner to press the matter.

Of course, I now know that Coun Compton has been too busy twittering to deal with council matters.

Mike Jackson, Erdington THERE does seem to be something wrong when a silly attempt at humour by Coun Gareth Compton is met with such ridiculous strong arm tactics whilst the inflammatory action of extremist Muslims, burning a poppy a symbol of sacrifice for a century, warrants hardly a mention.

As an individual and as a Christian, I found it highly offensive and an insult to the fallen of two world wars plus the servicemen and women currently being killed in the current conflict.

J C Simpson, Yardley
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Nov 17, 2010
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