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He's so into you ... or is he? Five foolproof, rarely wrong clues you can use right this very second to figure out if your crush digs you ...

Two weeks ago, you locked eyes with Jake in the caf. You smiled at him ... he smiled back. And even though he had ketchup smeared on his chin, you felt mucho mutual attraction.

Since then, he's chatted you up in homeroom and walked home with you--twice! But he hasn't asked you to catch a flick or to go for Taco Bell or to the dance on Friday or anything! Has your dude radar totally skunked out on you? What is up?! Staring at your cell, praying for a text message, is a total waste of time. We have the clues for what your guy will do if he's into you....


"My crush is shy!" We hear ya. "He's busy with student council and basketball and getting A's!" Sure, and maybe his parents only let him use the phone on odd-numbered days during leap year! It's a super-size bummer, but if the dude you dig truly digs you back, he'll ask you out. It doesn't matter how slammed he is. It doesn't matter if his cell phone minutes are ultra-limited--he'll hook paper cups together with string if he really wants to connect.

Sure, no boy wants to stick his neck out only to get shot down. But here's the thing: If he likes you, the possibility you'll say "yes" should be worth the risk. He wouldn't want a braver guy to ask you out first. Right?

Wait it out a little. If weeks are flyin' by and your crush isn't suggesting any get-togethers, maybe he's not grooving on you. And that's not the end of the world. Really. It's his loss. You deserve a guy who recognizes how lab you are.


Taye flirts with you big-time on the bus every day. He's gonna be your BF--as soon as he breaks up with that girl who sits behind you in English. Which he says he's going to do ... really, really soon.

Let's review: He strings you along while downright dissing his girlfriend behind her back. Way untrustworthy! If you were unfortunate enough to snag Taye as a BF, you can be sure he'd try to get cozy with other chicks on the sly like he did with you. So, do you really want to be the next in line?

A really great guy doesn't play two girls at the same time. He'll be into you and only you. Totally avoid toads like Taye, and look for a crush who respects girls in general--and you in particular!


Brandon asked you to Friendly's for a Fribble, and you had the best time. Brandon said he'd like to see you again--but nada. Now, when you see him at school, he cruises before you can even say "hi." What's up with that?

Brandon's had second thoughts about a second date, plain and simple. This is disappointing, no doubt. But don't beat your brain looking for that thing you must have done or said to repel him. You did nothing wrong at all.

Even though it's Rocky Road-cold, some boys drop awesome chicks with no explanation. Maybe your cool confidence intimidates him. Maybe his 'rents don't want him to have a GF yet. Who knows--and who really cares? Just hold your gorgeous head high, and move on.


When you told the world's worst joke, Damian was the only one who laughed. When you mentioned you have mad M&M's cravings, sure enough, he slipped a bag in your desk. He also remembers that you like Fez on That '70s Show and even asked how you did on the quiz that had you spazzed.

Damian digs you. When a guy is into you, he cares about the stuff that makes you tick. His eyeballs don't glaze over like a ham when you chat about how he must, must rent Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. And he doesn't drone on and on about how his band could put the Stones to shame when you burn a copy of your new Live Licks CD for him.

Your next move? Meet him halfway by asking about his favorite stuff. Let him know how impressed you were by that free throw he scored at yesterday's game. Take interest when he shows you the poster collection plastered all over his clubroom walls. Watch NASCAR with him. Even if it's just once.


Weeks ago, Ben dropped the breakup bomb. But you're not buying it. If he's over you, why does he talk to you in study hall? He must be confused. He'll tell you he wants to get back together any day now. Yep, that makes sense. Not!

Ben broke up with you. If he's cordial, it's because he's a standup guy. When a boy tells you straight-up that he doesn't want to go out anymore, he almost always means it. You can troll his words for "what he's really thinking" 'til the cows come home. Has he invited you to the mall or bought you a burger or kissed you recently? Nope. Done deal.

Breakups stink but not for long. Your time and energy's freed up now to focus on better grades, your hockey game ... and new crush connections. You're beyond special, and the right BF for you will never let you drown in "does he or doesn't he?" doubt. So don't forget it!
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Author:Mulcahy, Lisa
Publication:Girls' Life
Date:Feb 1, 2005
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