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He's in good company.

I was happy to see that Esprit de Corps was a superb enough sport to print Charlie Ingalls and "Afraid to Lose My Job"'s hateful attacks on Mr. Taylor in your December 2004 issue (Volume 11 issue 12).

As someone with American ancestry as well as deep connections to the United States--including many friends who are serving in the U.S. military in active areas of operations--let me say that I have not once seen anything remotely resembling anti-Americanism in your magazine.

Your two flamers would do well to know that Mr. Taylor's views are virtually identical to those of 1) America's most decorated living soldier, Colonel David Hackworth; 2) former U.S. Secretary of the Navv and Navy Cross winner (while leading a Marine company in Vietnam) James Webb; 3) two-time Purple Heart winner (and 9th ID squad leader in Vietnam) Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska; 4) USAF Lieutenant-Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski, former head of the Pentagon's Near East-Asia Desk; 5) USMC Major-General Anthony Zinni; 6) former CIA officer Bob Baer; 7) former CIA officer Mike Scheuer; 8) Georgia Army National Guard Brigadier-General and Vietnam Veteran James J. David; and 9) former National Security Advisor and USAF General Brent Scowcroft.

Would Mr. Ingalls be willing to attack these highly decorated people as well? Would "Afraid to Lose My Job" call these folks "anti-American?"

As regards Ms. Parrish, however crude and distasteful her recent words and actions are, she was one of the few Parliamentarians who signed a petition asking the federal government to give land to a memorial to the 12,000 Canadians who served in Vietnam--way back in February 1994, when there was virtually zero political capital to be had in doing this.

I remain a strong supporter of Esprit de Corps.

Joe Fernandez

Montreal, PQ
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Title Annotation:Letters To The Editor
Author:Fernandez, Joe
Publication:Esprit de Corps
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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