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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.

The text's subtitle, A guide to identifying hazards and assessing risks associated with food preparation and storage, well defines what it is all about.

There is currently considerable comment in the national press from time to time about foodborne diseases. Whilst most foods are nutritious, they can so easily become either mildly or dangerously poisonous. Another aspect of foods is that they can also so easily transmit diseases, and this seems to be a growing problem throughout the world. Whether through ignorance of lack of care, it is sometimes difficult to discover but the increasing incidence of such problems seems to indicate that we have not all understood the problem.

One of the newer techniques used to prevent and control foodborne infections is the ha analysis critical control point system. Known for obvious reasons in short form as HACCP, it is designed to identify the hazards associated with each stage in a food production system. It assesses the related risks and determines the operations where control procedures would be most effective.

This text is intended for use by those with training in food microbiology and technology who are concerned with food safety and the prevention of foodborne disease. It provides guidance on the assessment of risks that occur during the processing, preparation and storage of food in homes, schools, catering establishments, market and cottage-style industries. Emphasis is placed on assessing the risks and identifying critical control points, rather than control and monitoring. This has been done deliberately because many of the places where such HACCP evaluations will be made do not readily lend themselves to sophisticated monitoring.

This book is much more an educational book that the usual ones on HACCP and will be most useful in that context.
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Date:Mar 1, 1993
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