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Hawks to fight gulls.

HOUSING bosses are hiring a team of killer hawks to drive thousands of invading seagulls out of Glasgow.

The birds-of-prey are ditching their day jobs in a falconry display team to battle for the city's skies with the plague of gulls.

Housing association bosses have called in the falconry team to drive the flocks of dive-bombing gulls out of the city.

The news comes after the team successfully exterminated a rabbit causing thousands of pounds of damage to a war memorial at Edinburgh Castle.

The birds-of-prey belong to Fife-based Elite Falconry which has an in-demand sideline in exterminating vermin.

Janet Cooper, 37, who runs the Falconry Centre near Kirkcaldy said: "If we bring a hawk out, the gulls will eventually fly away if they know the hawk is not going to budge."
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 6, 2004
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