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Hawking to tell RDS: I'm wrong.

THE world's most famous physicist will travel to Ireland this week to declare that his revolutionary black hole theory is WRONG after all.

Stephen Hawking has done a U-turn on his "black hole paradox" arguement and has chosen Wednesday's 17th General Relativity and Gravitation conference, to be held at Dublin's RDS, to publically renounce it.

A black hole is a point in space holding the complete mass of a collapsed star. Its gravitational field is thought to be so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape it.

After almost 30 years defending the notion that a black hole destroys everything in it, without leaving a trace of even the destructive process, Professor Hawking is thought to be about to admit that they do eventually open up to reveal information within.

He had previously argued against the laws of quantum physcis, believing the intense gravitational fields of black holes somehow unravel the laws of quantum physics.

Professor Hawking, who wrote the book A Brirf History Of Time, suffers from motor neurone disease, is confined to a wheelchair, and survived a near-fatal bout of pneumonia five months ago.

He has also been the subject of police investigations into allegations of domestic violence against his wife, who was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Hawking, 62, made a last-minute request to the conference organisers asking to present his findings.

The organisers said that though they have not actually seen the latest work, they felt compelled to accept his request because of his outstanding reputation.


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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 18, 2004
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