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Hawaiian oasis hydrating body wash.


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PROCEDURE: Add water into main vessel and start mixing at low speed. Add Miracare SLB-365/N and mix until uniform. Add Fragrance and mix until uniform. In a separate vessel with mixing, dissolve the BHT into the soybean oil. In a separate vessel with mixing, disperse the Jaguar C-17, Jaguar C-162, and Duette IBSL into the glycerin. Add the oil premix followed by the glycerin premix to the main batch and mix with increased speed until uniform. Once uniform, reduce speed, -150rpm, for the remainder of the batch. Adjust pH with 50% citric acid solution to pH 5.0-5.5. Add preservative and mix until uniform. Add sodium chloride and mix for 30 min or until uniform. PROPERTIES: Appearance--Light blue/green, creamy liquid; Brookfield Viscosity at 25[degrees]C-11,000 cps (RVT, T-D, 10 rpm); pH @ 25[degrees]C-5.0-5.5; Storage-Stability--Stable for 3 months (Freeze/Thaw; 45[degrees]C ; 25[degrees]C, 4[degrees]C).

Water q.s. 100

Miracare SLB-365/N (Solvay) (Water, sodium 40.00
trideceth sulfate, sodium lauroamphoacetate,
cocamide MEA, me thylisothiazolinone)

Jaguar C-17 (Solvay) (Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium 0.20

Jaguar C-162 (Solvay) (Hydroxypropyl guar 0.20
hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride)

Glycerin 15.0

Mango, Nectar & Hibiscus 79127 (Belle-Aire) 1.5

BHT (Eastman) 0.05

Soybean oil 2.0

Citric acid (50%) 1.0

Duette RBSL (43138) (Sudarshan) 0.1

Sodium chloride 3.0

Nelone 950 (Dow) 0.1
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