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Have we lost our sense of humour?

Have we lost our sense of humour? WOLF whistles seem small fish considering hundreds of kids are being abused on our streets and people's homes are being broken into.

So I wonder if we have our priorities just a little mixed up? Poppy Smart feels a wolf whistle is disrespectful but is it really "sexual harassment"? No wonder we've lost the plot, and our sense of humour.

Time was we could have a laugh, now it's political correctness, or who's offended? Our language has had to change to fit the PC brigade's definition of correctness, now we have a young woman talking of disrespect because of a wolf whistle.

Well Poppy, you have a serious problem. But I wonder in a few years when the whistles stop if you wish that, when walking past a building site, the young brickies even notice you.

ST Vaughan, Yardley Wood

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:May 8, 2015
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