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Have mouse will travel; Gizmo covers 422 miles.

THE average computer mouse travels 422 miles during its lifetime.

Researchers for online insurers gave 100 office staff mouse 'odometers' to track their move-and-click habits over a 35-hour working week.

And it was revealed that the average worker clicks their mouse 73 times an hour and moves it 140 yards during this period Thatequatesto2570 clicks and just under three miles a week.

Over an average lifespan of two-and-three-quarter years, the mouse makes more than 370,000 clicks.

But along the way, 49 per cent of mice suffer regular 'mouse abuse'.

The poll revealed that 71 per cent of all staff get frustrated with their mouse on a regular basis.

A third admitted they never bothered to clean their mouse and59per cent prefer to buy a new one instead of trying to fix the old one.An esure spokesman said: 'The mouse is the most important moving part in the modern computer world and it earns its keep.

'A mouse will cost a company less than pounds 10 but it is expected to complete 16 marathons and often suffer neglect along the way.'

And although office staff execute 514 mouse clicks per day, they don't have the same enthusiasm for their ownpersonaldailyworkout The same 100 workers were also issued with pedometers to track their movements in the office.

And it was revealed the average person takes a mere 179.57 steps around the office per day - that equates to 897.85 steps a week.

The esure spokesman added: 'When it comes to getting around, the mouse makes its users look lazy.

'While the mouse is almost constantly on the go, many human users are desk potatoes


BUSY: The average mouse is clicked 370,000 times
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 15, 2005
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