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Have mercy!

"I think she's very sexy. I mean, look at her. She's like a tittle pistol," purrs Peta Wilson, TV's La Femme Nikita herself, who's thrilled to costar--and commingle--with Ellen Barkin in the sadomasochistic sex thriller Mercy. For most of the film--which debuts February 11 on HBO and comes from David L. Lindsey's best-selling pain-and-pleasure novel--Wilson's bisexual, smooth-as-silk murder suspect hungers for Barkin's hardened homicide detective.

"I worked with a dominatrix for a month to understand the psychology of S/M," boasts Wilson, who ends up planning Barkin against a kitchen counter In a seduction scene that has both actresses cooking on all four burners. "We're not naked," the vixen insists of the steamy sequence, which site says still required five cuts before Motion Picture Association of America censers gave It an R rating, Changed from an initial NC-17 (Mercy may get a theatrical rim down the line). Huffs Wilson: "it was se real, they couldn't handle it."
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Title Annotation:Peta Wilson plays bisexual in film 'Mercy'
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
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Date:Feb 15, 2000
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