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Have kids travel with a "Kleen" Slate.

KleenSlate is a fun, kid-friendly paddle that has a double-sided erase board allowing youngsters to doodle to their heart's content. The dry-erase markers--with an eraser tip snapped right into the handle--are nontoxic, low odor, and the points don't push in, ideal for travel in cars and planes. Colors include red, blue, green, purple, orange, and black. KleenSlate also is a great way to hold up captions in family travel photos.

Should your KleenSlate surface get ruined or stained beyond saving, just use the replacement sheets. There even are sheets with handwriting lines, great for children to practice writing and continue learning while on the road.

Go to www.kleenslate to find out more.


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Title Annotation:WHAT'S NEW?; kid-friendly paddle boards
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Date:Sep 1, 2012
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