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Have an Affair. Anywhere? Launches Their Mobile Dating Service.

LOS ANGELES, April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- The future of cheating has arrived, courtesy of the world's largest infidelity dating site. In response to increased public demand for further ways to engage in discreet affairs, launched Ashley Madison Mobile(R) allowing users with Mobile devices to "Have an Affair. Anywhere." As Ashley Madison founder, Noel Biderman, explains, "Millions have people said they would have an affair if the right opportunity presented itself. Here is their opportunity."

History has shown that cases of infidelity significantly increase as society provides people with more opportunities to cheat. The first major shift occurred when women entered the workplace, introducing them to a whole new level of freedom, as well as a whole new dating pool of men. Another major spurt resulted from the introduction of the internet and infidelity sites such as Now, with the launch of Ashley Madison Mobile, cheating has become easier and more progressive than ever.

According to Biderman, "Before the introduction of Ashley Madison Mobile, our members typically used the service while in the private confines of their office work station. Now with Ashley Madison Mobile, you're free to connect with your lovers throughout the day...on the train coming into work, waiting at the airport, or even late at night while your spouse is more focused on the TV than you."

Consumer adoption has already been higher than anticipated with thousands of people signing up to the Beta service within the first few hours. According to Biderman, "The Beta was only meant for our engineers to test out the service. We didn't even advertise it. This is proof that this feature is going to change society as we know it."

Ashley Madison Mobile is sure to forever change the way people pursue their indiscretions. already boasts over 3.5 million members and Biderman believes that number could reach 20 million with the continued adoption of iPhones(R), Blackberries(R) and other 3G devices.

With a new member joining every 15 seconds, Ashley Madison has been featured on Good Morning America, Ellen Degeneres, Dr. Phil, Larry King, Tyra Banks, Howard Stern, and all over the news media.

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Date:Apr 22, 2009
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