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Have a happy, dapper holiday: get the festive look from dapperQ and Sharpe Suiting.

Wardrobe: Leon Wu | Wardrobe Stylist: Cee Sando | Hair: Matilde Campos Makeup: Autumn Skibinski | Models: Stephanie Neal, Lali Muthusamy, Dominick Cole, Madin Lopez

The City of Angels is also known as the Land of Casual in the fashion world. However, the sartorially smart Los Angeles queer scene is gearing up to get dapper in holiday outfits inspired by seasonal festivities and the beauty of their perennially sunny city. For this shoot, stylist Cee Sando of the queer style site dapperQ paired up with uber-entrepreneur Leon Wu, Owner and Head Designer of Sharpe Suiting, to capture this seasons L.A. holidaze style modeled by local queer trendsetters. Sharpe prides itself in creating custom quality suits and formal attire undefined by gender. They focus on tailoring fit to each clients unique style and shape, no matter how they identify, (,

Caption: Shirt, tie, vest and jacket by Sharpe Suiting. Hat by Goorin Bros.

Caption: Suit, shirt and bowtie by Sharpe Suiting.

Caption: Tie, shirt and vest by Sharpe Suiting. Hat by Goorin Bros.

Caption: Dresses by Bariano, stylist's earrings and shoes. Suit, shirt, and bowtie by Sharpe Suiting; model's own shoes.

Caption: Dress by Single; earrings, ring model's own; bracelet stylist's own.

Caption: Jumpsuit and dress by Single; earrings model's own; bracelet stylist's own.

Caption: Dresses by Single; model's own earrings.

Sharpe Suiting jacket, ties, shirts, vest; hat by Goorin Bros.

Caption: Dress by Single. Shirt by AKA Clothing; tie and pants by Sharpe Suiting.

Caption: Dresses by Single; shoes stylist's own; earrings model's own. Jacket, vest, shirts and ties by Sharpe Suiting; hat by Goorin Bros

Caption: Sharpe Suiting shirts, ties, vest and jacket; hat by Goorin Bros.

Caption: Jacket, shirt and tie by Sharpe Suiting.


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Title Annotation:features/STYLE
Author:Sandler, Genna
Date:Nov 1, 2015
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