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Have a (snow) ball! Can't wait 'til spring frees you from the frost? Stop that! You and your BFFs can make the most of winter.

When you and your BFFs hit the coffee shop, the barista starts preparing your "usual." And you've been to Blockbuster so many times, you've seen virtually every new release, plus the entire drama section. Face it: You and your pals are in a rut. But don't worry. These hot ideas are guaranteed to banish the winter blues.


Pull the tanks and flip-flops out of the closet because you're having a sizzling soiree! Banish thoughts of freezing temps by serving ice cream, doing pedicures to show off sandaled feet, decorating with stacks of beach towels and watching tropical flicks like Blue Crush.


Tear your room apart looking for pictures, concert tickets, movie stubs and other cool stuff that reminds you of your best friends, and tell them to do the same. Then, have everyone over for scrapbooking. The catch? Put your names in a hat, and make a book for whoever's name you pull out!


Get inspired by the latest crop of American Idol wannabes and hold a round of auditions--in your living room. Take turns belting out tunes to see who's the next Carrie Underwood and who's, well, not. No karaoke machine? Just sing along to CDs. Assign those with stage fright to the judges' table. Simon says ...


Who says Valentine's Day is only for couples? Your BFF is at the top of your love list, so pack her up a Valentine box. Include candy hearts, lotsa chocolate and heart-shaped cookies. Also include "coupons" for things like a girls' night out or a room cleaning. Slip in a picture of you two, a CD mix and a sappy card.


OK, enough ducking from the cold. Being in the great outdoors is not only a great change of pace, but it's good for you. So layer up, and build a giant snowman or head to the slopes for a snowboarding lesson. It'll be hysterical watching your buds fall on their butts. And boys who 'board? So cute!
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Author:Forr, Mandy
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Date:Feb 1, 2007
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