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Have 'Acchey-Din' Started Surfacing?

India, Oct. 17 -- We, the people of India, being both gullible and rash, voted for Modiji in the hope, which BJP had emphatically given us before elections, of getting a handsome share from the huge amount of black money that many corrupt Indians have stacked in foreign banks.

Some bigger fools like me even had started planning to buy this or that with that imagined windfall!

But the falsely sold hope got shattered sooner than later. And the BJP shamefacedly had to admit it to be an election time 'jumla' that became a "Galey-ki-haddi" for the party.

Leave aside the black hoardings outside our country. The BJP failed even in bringing out locally loaded black money also.

On the contrary the BJP seemed to be having a very soft corner for black marketeers . May be because the BJP has had its moorings in the erstwhile Jan Sangha, a party of business-class that has been the chief black-money spinner!

The other day a half-page government ad in almost all newspapers was published. It said; "Last chance to turn black into white" in regard to converting black money into honest money, "with total confidentiality ensured". This took me by surprise. For, while black money hoarders would not be asked any questions about the source from which they generated the loot, you and I, the honest tax payers, can be asked to explain even transparent transactions any time!

And all this to what end? Some sixty five thousand crores of black money reportedly was declared by around only sixty five thousand black money dealers! Even if the small booty is shared amongst all of us it will not even be peanuts.

This also took me back to my college days of early sixties.

One of our bright college mates, belonging to an economically weaker section of our society, lost his both the parents along with his two other siblings in a road accident while returning from a pilgrimage to nearby Naina Devi temple.

Thus an orphaned Lachhoo, short for Lachman, had to work, in his spare time, as an all-round helper in a small grocery shop to earn his meagre living.

May be his part time job could not fulfil his all monetary requirements, he stealthily started, as the luck would have it, selling cinema tickets in black to earn some extra money.

However Lachhoo's new easy money earning enterprise could not last long. Once while selling tickets, perhaps it was on the release of a long awaited mega movie, Mughal-e-Aazam, that he was caught by the local police. He remained in the police lock up for a couple of days.

After Lachhoo's release from the police custody, which his grocery shop owning employer managed somehow, no one saw him for many days.

The last and sad news about him that we got was of his unfortunate death. His dead body was found floating at the far end of the nearby canal.

Obviously, he dared not to face the humiliations that would have followed due to the 'black' stigma he had earned for himself, and thus committed suicide.

He perhaps would have been alive today had he known that one day the black marketeers in this country would get their 'Acche-din', with "total confidentiality ensured"!

"While fixing up the tryst with our destiny, Nehru, the builder of this midnight country, had also offered to erect a few lamp posts across the countryside - not to get us electricity but to hang the corrupt, the black marketeer and the hawala trader on".

Will we ever see, in our life time, the erection of any such lamp post?

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Publication:Indian Currents
Date:Oct 17, 2016
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