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Hauppauge's WinCast TV card to receive Intercast broadcasts of the 1996 Summer Olympics.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 1, 1996--Hauppauge Computer Works (NASDAQ: HAUP), the leader in digital video products for PC's, has announced that their WinCast/TV board will be able to receive NBC Intercast(TM) broadcasts of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

WinCast/TV combines TV-in-a-window with an Intercast viewer developed by Intel Corp. (NASDAQ: INTC) to provide a new level of real-time information delivery and entertainment for personal computers.

NBC announced on June 27, 1996, that their exclusive broadcast of the 1996 Summer Olympics will use Intercast technology to transmit to personal computers information on backgrounds of athletes, statistics, event results, rules and regulations and to allow PC users to participate in interactive activities. A PC user will be able to watch NBC's broadcast of the Olympics in a window, while Intercast pages will be automatically displayed in another window on the PC screen.

Hauppauge's WinCast/TV card is the first end-user product which can receive Intercast pages. Intercast pages cannot be seen on a normal TV set, it can only be viewed on PC's equipped with an Intercast TV receiver. In addition to the WinCast/TV, Hauppauge currently has two other Intercast receivers under development for the retail and OEM markets.

"Internet broadcast is the most exciting data broadcast technology to be introduced since Teletext was invented in Europe in the 1970's" said Ken Aupperle, President of Hauppauge Computer. "For the first time, producers of the Olympics broadcasts will be able to link Internet formatted data to their event. For example, an Olympic diving event might have the standings of the divers transmitted and displayed on the PC screen using Intercast. You will be able to see this information only if you have an Intercast receiver such as our WinCast/TV in your PC.

Biographies of the participants of the Olympic event could be developed and transmitted to a PC using Intercast technology. The Web formatted biography would appear in a PC's browser window, plus an Internet link could also be transmitted via Intercast, pointing to the athletes personal Web page. Because Internet uses the Internet Web page format, it will open up a new avenue for interactive on-line Internet applications."

WinCast/TV will be available in retail stores and through on-line merchandisers in early July. Pricing will start at $149 and will include the WinCast/TV board, the Intel Intercast browser plus software for TV-in-a-window. WinCast/TV's are PCI bus boards and are compatible with many Pentium(R) PC's.

Further information on WinCast/TV products is available through Hauppauge's Web site:

Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hauppauge Digital (NASDAQ: HAUP) designs and manufactures digital video boards for TV-in-a-window, digital video editing and video conferencing. Hauppauge has sales offices in Germany, the U.K. and in California with headquarters in Hauppauge, New York. For further information, contact Ken Plotkin, V.P. Marketing. Telephone number 516/434-1600 ext. 350, by fax at 516/434-3198 or by e-mail at -0-

The Hauppauge logo and Win/TV are registered trademarks of Hauppauge Digital Inc. Pentium and Intercast are trademarks of Intel Corp.

CONTACT: Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc.

Ken Plotkin, 516/434-1600

Fax 516/434-3198

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 1, 1996
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