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Hatsan .35-caliber carnivore air rifle.

SEVERAL MONTHS AGO SHOOTING TIMES EDITOR IN CHIEF JOEL HUTCH croft reported on Hatsan's .22-caliber precharged pneumatic QuietAir AT44-10 Long QE air rifle. Well, now it's my turn to get in on the fun, but I'm detailing Hatsan's new .35-caliber Carnivore air rifle.

Like the AT44-10 Long QE, the Carnivore, which is a member of the BT65 series, is a precharged pneumatic (PCP), side-cocking air rifle. That means it uses a cylinder of pressurized air to propel the pellet. In the case of the Carnivore, the air cylinder holds 255cc, and it features an easy-toread pressure gauge on the end.

Also like the AT44-10, the Carnivore uses a rotary magazine, but in this case its capacity is six pellets. The company claims that the .35-caliber Carnivore is capable of producing a muzzle velocity of 730 fps. It's also offered in .30 caliber, which Hatsan says produces a muzzle velocity of 860 fps.

The Carnivore comes with a black synthetic Monte Carlo-style stock with an adjustable comb. Length of pull is adjustable via the curved, 1-inch-thick rubber buttpad, but at its shortest it measures 14 inches. The buttpad also can be adjusted for height and angle. The grip and fore-end have textured, soft rubber inserts. The underside of the fore-end has a molded-in slotted accessories rail, and there are a sling-swivel stud and a swivel on the left-hand side of the fore-end. There are also a sling-swivel stud and a swivel in the buttstock.

The Turkish steel barrel is 29.5 inches long overall, and it incorporates a full-length sound suppressor shroud that flares out at the muzzle. Actual bore length is 24.5 inches; the last 5 inches are the unrifled sound moderator.

The rifle comes without sights, but it has a slotted, 11mm/22mm scope-mount rail on the receiver. I installed a Nikon 3-9X 40mm Prostaff Target EFR air rifle scope.

A two-position safety is located on the left side of the receiver, and the gold-plated two-stage trigger is adjustable for pull weight and travel. My rifle's trigger pull measured 4 pounds, 10 ounces right out of the box according to my trigger-pull scale.

Overall length Is 49 Inches with the buttpad adjusted all the way in. Weight Is 9.4 pounds, without the scope. And it comes with two rotary magazines and a sling.

I fired the Carnivore using JSB .35-caliber Match Diabolo pellets weighing 81.02 grains. The rifle drove those pellets at an average velocity of 716 fps measured 12 feet from the gun's muzzle. The average accuracy at 50 yards was 0.96 Inch for three, five-shot groups.

I borrowed Hutchcroft's Pyle sound meter, and while I was gathering the velocity data, I also measured the five shots with the sound meter set 8 inches away from the gun's muzzle. On average the gun/pellet combination produced 57.6 dB. For comparison, typical .22 LR ammunition produces 120 to 130 dB.

The 255cc air cylinder should provide between 12 and 20 shots at full velocity. Based on the average velocity the Carnivore achieved, using an online muzzle energy calculator, the 81.02-grain .35-caliber pellet produces 92 ft-lbs of energy 12 feet from the muzzle. That's a little less than half the muzzle energy of the .32 H&R Magnum cartridge loaded with an 85-grain bullet.

The six-shot Carnivore is quiet and accurate, and according to Hatsan, it's powerful enough to use for hunting medium-size game.


TYPE             PCP air rifle
CALIBER          .35 (as tested)
CAPACITY         Six pellets
BARREL           29.5 in.
WEIGHT, EMPTY    9.4 lbs.
STOCK            Synthetic
LENGTH OF PULL   Adjustable
FINISH           Black
SIGHTS           None
TRIGGER          4.6-lb. pull (as tested)
SAFETY           Two position
MSRP             $799


                               VEL    S.D.    NOISE    ACC.
PELLET                        (FPS)   (FPS)   (DB)    (IN.)

.35 Caliber

JSB 81.02-gr. Match Diabolo    716      2     57.6     0.96

NOTES: Accuracy is the average of three, five-shot groups. Velocity
is the average of five shots measured 12 feet from the gun's muzzle.
Noise decibel data is the average of five shots measured 8 inches
from the muzzle.
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Title Annotation:QUICK SHOT: HUNT
Author:Edmondson, Jake
Publication:Shooting Times
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Date:Oct 1, 2015
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