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Hats off to the survivors; The View on celebrating 10 years since their smash debut album and taking time off to do their own thing.


Not even The View ever thought they'd be celebrating the 10th anniversary of their debut album.. but that's exactly what they're doing this year.

The band - Kyle Falconer, Kieren Webster, Pete Reilly and Steven Morrison - have been one of the hardest-working bands in the country for the last decade.

So it's maybe no surprise they've decided to take a year out at the end of their current run of dates, bowing out with what is sure to be a special show at the Caird Hall in their home town of Dundee.

For bassist Kieren, it's the right time for the band to take a breather - when they are all still pals and still drawing a crowd.

He said: "When you start a band you never think of 10 years ahead, but I think we've surprised a lot of people that we're still here."

Frontman Kyle couldn't agree more and for him, it's the fact that they're all still a team that means the most.

He said: "It was more like celebrating being alive really. When you see bands doing their 10-year anniversary, you always think what it would be like to be at that stage.

"It's really pleasing to be here and we're really proud of ourselves to still be going and still all be pals.

"There's been some tough moments but we've all got through it. We're too tight to fall by the wayside."

The Dundee four-piece had already established themselves with a formidable reputation as hellraisers, even if sometimes it wasn't entirely accurate. Looking back on the recording of that first album, Hats Off To The Buskers, brings nothing but fond memories for Kieren, even if a lot of the details are fuzzy.

He said: "It was the time of our lives making it.

"We'd signed to a great label, 1965 Records, and everything just seemed to fall into place. The whole time was just like one big long party. We can't remember a huge amount of the details to be honest.

"We recorded it in a cowshed in Scarborough as, at the time, studios wouldn't let us in, mainly because they'd heard we had this ferocious reputation and we just got tarnished with it.

"We had this squad that went about with us who were a bit of a wrecking crew, so we were stuck in the cowshed to keep us out of bother. We still ended up getting chased out of there though as someone flipped a Land Rover."

The Buskers went to No1 in 2007 and they had a huge hit with Same Jeans, which reached No3. The album also included Superstar Tradesman and Wasted Little DJs, which both reached No15. In May this year, they celebrated the 10th anniversary with a UK tour starting with a gig at the legendary Barras.

It was a real joy for both Kieren and Kyle, who've both got a lot out of playing not just the hits but the album tracks that fans haven't heard for years.

Kieren added: "The pinnacle of the celebration was the show at the Barras, then heading up to Dundee.

"We went back into our old ways, things like slapping each other before we went on stage, daft stuff we used to do.

"I still love Buskers, it's a really great album. It takes you on a trip down memory lane and it still stands the test of time I think."

Kyle added: "It was strange playing them all in a row like that. It was great to revisit it though. I hadn't listened to it for a long while, so even just doing that was enjoyable.

"There's a lot of things that I don't think make sense in the lyrics now.

"Obviously they must have at the time but I look at them now and I just can't see what I was meaning.

"There are things I think I could make better now with experience but you wouldn't want to change anything really."

The year of celebration will be brought to a close with another full Scottish tour including a date at Glasgow's O2 ABC, which they have just added.

Kieren said: "We've done the Barras recently so it's good to switch things up and the ABC is a great venue. We love playing there. And Glasgow has always been good to us, there's something about the place. We always have great shows."

The dates, which start on Wednesday in Alloa, will be the last we see of the lads for a while as Kyle focuses on his long-awaited solo album. One thing is for sure though, The View will be back bigger and better than ever.

After Buskers hit No1, they've had ups and downs in the charts and their last album, Ropewalk, in 2015 only reached No21. Kieren said: "We've played so many gigs in the last few years, it just feels like a good time to take a break and give Kyle time to do his solo record.

"Then we can come back with a new album of our own. It's definitely not the end of the band, it's just a well-earned break."

A solo album has been on Kyle's to-do list for some time but he's equally adamant that there's a lot more to come from The View.

He said: "I've been wanting to do a solo record for ages but that means the band stops working, so it's taken a while to find the right time. The boys have all got other things on this time, which is perfect.

"We tour non-stop a lot of the time, even when people don't see us in this country, we're usually playing somewhere. There's no way there won't be more from The View.

"Hopefully we'll have developed a lot musically by then and be able to come back with something a bit different. I just want to get into the arenas. We've not stepped up to that level as we've played it safe.

"The whole experience of being in The View has been amazing. A proper whirlwind. There's been ups and downs but we're still here and we're not going anywhere."

While Kyle records his solo album, Kieren will be getting on with a long-term goal of his own, bringing his talents into the studio as a producer for other bands.

Kieren said: "I'm really looking forward to it. We'll see how that goes. I reckon it'll be a full year off, possibly even a little longer, to give Kyle time to tour his record.

"Hopefully, we'll come back bigger than ever after the break. We want to have a good musical direction and be thirsty for a new record."

The View play Glasgow's O2 ABC on November 29. Ticket pre-sale on Wednesday at 9am via and tickets go on general sale on September 15 at 9am.

The Tour You can also catch The View on their Scottish tour at these shows: September 13 - Alloa Town Hall, Alloa 14 - Truth, Leven 15 - Montrose Town Hall, Montrose 19 - East Grange Loft, Moray 20/21 - The Sound Archive, Moray 22 - Assembly Rooms, Wick 23 - Nevis Centre, Fort William 30 - The Garage, Aberdeen October 2 - Birnam Arts Centre, Dunkeld 4 - La Belle Angele, Edinburgh 6 - Warehouse, Falkirk November 29 - O2 ABC, Glasgow December 1 - Caird Hall, Dundee


STILL PALS Kieren and Kyle backstage at TRNSMT festival in Glasgow in July

DECADE OF ROCK The View, from left, Steven Morrison, Kyle Falconer, Pete Reilly and Kieren Webster. Right, their smash-hit debut album
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