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Hats Off to Russ for backing our Nepal quake fund; Comedy star Brand lends his support to campaign.


AN Ulster woman's appeal for the victims of the Nepal earthquake has won support from Hollywood superstar Russell Brand.

Jane Prendy's Hats Off For Nepal campaign secured its most famous supporter when the maverick comedian agreed to pose for a photograph holding a topi hat.

However, he declined to wear the prayer cap as he feared it would ruin his hairstyle.

Jane, 47, from Islandmagee, Co Antrim, was prompted to set up the campaign as her own family has been caught up in the disaster.

Her 77-year-old mother Marita was working at the Druk Amitabha Mountain DGK nunnery outside Kathmandu when the first earthquake hit Nepal in April.

She then spent two weeks sleeping in a tent on the mountainside before finally arriving home safely last month.

Jane said: "My husband Rishi, is also from Nepal and his family has been badly affected. We're so delighted someone as famous as Russell supported our campaign.

"I heard he was performing at a Nepal fundraising event in London n so my niece went along with a hat. "She bumped into him afterwards and asked him if he would have his picture taken and he said he would, although he added that she would understand if he didn't wear it because it would ruin his hair."

Miss Northern Ireland Leanne McDowell and Alison Campbell - model agency boss and wife of golfing star Darren Clarke - have also pledged their support to the campaign.

Jane wants to raise awareness of the difficult living conditions of the people in Nepal and also raise money to build new homes for some of the poorest people affected.

She added: "They are still being hit by three or four earthquakes a day and although they are much smaller than the original quake, they are causing problems.

"People are afraid to go back into the buildings, it is very difficult for them out there so we wanted to try and get a message to the people out there that we are thinking about them.

She set up a Face Nepal - a week ago than 650 likes.

She set up a Facebook page - Hats Off for Nepal - a week ago and it has attracted more than 650 likes.

Jane said: "We want to get 1,000 photographs of people with a topi and get them on the page so people in Nepal know they aren't alone.

"I understand they may not want to have their picture taken, but we've already had some cats sent in.

"It doesn't matte day it is getting th"It doesn't matter because at the end of the day it is getting the message out there.

"We've had photos and likes from people as far as Australia so it's great we've reached that far.

"We're also aiming to raise PS4,000 to build 10 houses for people from the lowest castes and we've already managed to get more than PS2,800 but we still have a bit to go.

"We just want the people to know that we care."

To donate log on to


"Russell didn't wear the hat as it might have ruined his hair style JANE PRENDY ISLANDMAGEE, YESTERDAY


COMPASSIONATE Jane Pendy with her husband Rishi and stepson Ankit it

HEAD GIRLS Leanne McDowell and Alison Campbell

CAP-ITAL IDEA Russell gets behind the Nepal campaign

INSPIRATION Marita Prendy worked in Nepal

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Jun 8, 2015
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