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Hate groups target St. Louis.

The technology that enables millions of American computer users to be connected through the Internet also has proven a boon for hate groups, racists, anti-Semites and anti-government extremists.

Hate literature that was placed on car windshields in St. Louis County in March has been traced to a white supremacy group in idaho. The racist flyer was downloaded from a hate site on the World Wide Web and then reproduced for distribution.

A flyer entitled "Earth's Most Beautiful Endangered Species" was tucked under windshield wipers on autos in parking lots in Kirkwood and Crestwood. The flyer states that "the White race faces extinction now! Only two percent of the earth's population is young, White female.

"America denies us White nations, White schools, White neighborhoods, White organizations and everything necessary for racial survival, then promotes inter-racial mating," the flyer continues.

The flyer contains a graphic of a scantily clad white female and the admonishment: "Look long and hard, White man. Images like hers may soon cease to exist forever."

Kirkwood Police Lt. George Basler said flyers were reported on parking lots at the Kirkwood Venture store and at Kirkwood High School.

"I don't think we would have had any complaints if it weren't for the content of this handbill," said Basler. "The content is probably protected by the First Amendment, but the city of Kirkwood has a littering ordinance that prohibits handbills from being put on cars."

Basler said Kirkwood Police believe they have traced the individual who distributed the hate materials through a post office box with a Kirkwood Zip code that appears on the handbills. He said police have not been able to contact the individual who is apparently a resident of the city of St. Louis.

"We want to sit down and talk with this individual," said Basler. "We want him and whomever else might be involved to know that Kirkwood has an ordinance against distributing handbills on automobiles."

David Waren, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for the Missouri/Southern Illinois area, said his office received reports about the handbills appearing on cars in parking lots in the Crestwood Mall area.

"This material originates with '14 Word Press,' which is the mouthpiece of the Order," explained Waren. "David Lane, one of the leaders of this group, is in jail, but his wife now is behind the operation and maintains an Internet homepage. The rhetoric from this group is quite hateful.

"It's unusual these days to see this kind of leafletting," said Waren, regarding the incidents in Kirkwood and Crestwood. "Most of these hate groups have given that up in favor of getting their message across on the Internet."

In addition to the "14 Word Press" identification on the handbill, there is a logo for a so-called "German-American Voice." Waren said he could not explain why that organization was appearing on the handbill.

"We haven't had any complaints about the leaflets," said Crestwood Police Chief Don Greer. "But we do have city legislation that prohibits the posting of materials on anybody's vehicle.

"We haven't had anything like this for a while," added Greer. "A couple of years ago, we had a lone ranger who started distributing hate material at the mall. He was passing through town and living out of his car. We got a call and quickly stopped his activities, which are prohibited at the mall."

ADL Regional Director Waren said that while the leafletting in Kirkwood and Crestwood may or may not constitute a crime, the materials are clearly reprehensible and should be denounced.

"Obviously, people who distribute this stuff think they're going to find likeminded people in communities they target," said Waren. "This is an opportunity for people in these communities to stand up and say they have no sympathy for this.

"One of the initiatives of St. Louis 2004 is zero tolerance for hate crimes," added Waren. "This involves law enforcement, elected officials and religious leaders getting together to monitor and respond to acts of bigotry."

The hate literature distributed in Kirkwood and Crestwood can be downloaded from the "14 Word Press" homepage site on the Internet. The "14 Word Press" homepage is part of a network of hate sites that include the Volksfront, Stormfront, Ku Klux Klan, Voice of White Amedca, Women For Aryan Unity, White Aryan Resistance and White Power World Wide.

The "14 Word Press" purports to speak for the Order and members of WOTAN (Will Of The Aryan Nation). The homepage describes WOTAN as "the spirit within the Aryan male which tortures the soul with the knowledge that the beauty of the Aryan woman may cease to exist on the earth forever."

Members of the Order presently are imprisoned for, among other things, the assassination of Denver radio talk show host Alan Berg. Berg was targeted for death in 1984 because of his shows which took aim at white supremacy hate groups.

The homepage, which is the origin of the handbill distributed in Kirkwood and Crestwood, contains a number of articles, including one that hails the killing of Berg as the beginning of revolutionary action by WOTANs and other white supremacy groups.

"Alan Berg was a bad choice. As just another loud-mouthed Jew radio jockey, you couldn't kill them as fast as their supply could be refreshed," declares the article. "His ilk possesses a seemingly endless regenerative ability. For every one who dies in a car wreck, blows his head off or overdoses on cocaine, there are 10 more who emerge to fill the void.

"The physical act of killing Alan Berg was about as meaningless as assassinating the White House gardener as the first strike against the malicious tyrants who run this country," the article continues. "But historically speaking, in the wider context, it was of unfathomable significance ... as a statement to the world that white man does have the will to live."

Waren said the distribution of hate literature in parking lots is a problem to be confronted. But he said a greater danger may be the hate sites on the Internet, which link extremists together and spread bigotry in an exponential fashion.

Waren said he hopes the St. Louis 2004 goal of zero tolerance for hate crimes will result in aggressive efforts against the perpetrators of hate crimes. Under the guidance of local U.S. attorneys Ed Dowd and Chuck Grace, the following initiatives are planned.

* Hate Crimes Task Force. The task force will coordinate law enforcement investigations of hate crimes and provide a rapid response to incidents. The first meeting is slated for April 20, 1998.

* Law Enforcement Training. Police officers will be given knowledge on investigating hate crimes and on providing specialized victim assistance.

* Hate Crimes Registry. Analysis of hate activity by law enforcement will be approved with a regional database of incidents and their perpetrators.

* Education Outreach. Programs for schools will be developed, as well as for corporate settings, civic and religious groups, so that young people can be aware and protect themselves from messages of hate.

* Regional Awareness. A regional media campaign will be developed on issues of diversity, tolerance and prejudice reduction.

Hate sites are expanding on the Internet at an alarming rate. Shrewd bigots of all kinds have rushed to the Internet as a new tool to spread the words of white separatists, of neo-Nazi skinheads, of white power music groups, of anti-Semitic propagandists.

St. Louis Journalism Review provides a sampling of these sites from the hundreds that exist. Some information for this presentation was gathered from the actual sites, from the AntiDefamation League and from the HateWatch monitoring organization.

Cyberhate presents a formidable challenge to those who champion the protections of the First Amendment. Education and awareness are the best antidotes to the potholes of hate on the Information Highway.


The racist and anti-Semitic group most known to Americans, which has a reputation for violence, is the Ku Klux Klan. For more than a century, the Klan has actively practiced and promoted bigotry.

Economic, political and cultural upheavals in the South after the Civil War, the economic crisis in the early 1920s, the struggle for civil rights in the 1950s and 1960s, all contributed to Klan growth. But in recent years, the Klan is estimated to have less than 4,000 members nationwide.

Tougher law enforcement and internal struggles have' hurt the Klan on a national level. Nevertheless, there are still local groups engaging in illegal activities such as church burnings and the planting of terrorist bombs. Today, this remnant is striving to rekindle interest.

Klan pages on the Internet play upon fears over immigration, global migration of U.S. jobs, and general antagonism against the American government. In 1997 there were at least six Web sites run by Klan sympathizers.

The Klan is working to appear more moderate and mainstream with messages that blame the news media for its poor reputation. A typical sampling of Klan site propaganda is as follows:

"Here are some reasons why we are growing so fast and why the Klan Movement is the White People's answer.

"The Klan name and symbol breaks through the paper curtain of anti-White media and brings us to the attention of those who want to learn more about us.

"The Klan has a reputation of victory. It is well known that the Klan saved the White South from federal tyranny; the same kind of tyranny that today is trying to take away your guns, is promoting homosexuals in your schools, is permitting a flood of illegal aliens across our borders and then taxes you to death in order to pay for welfare and other give-away programs."

David Waren of the local AntiDefamation League says the Klan is trying to tone its message down regarding use of violence. It issues disclaimers and blames the news media for giving it a bad name.

"All the Klan's claims to being peaceful are pretty disingenuous when you take a look at what was going on in Wood River, Illinois," said Waren. "it shows the danger of Klan followers in our own region,"

A Klan offshoot in Wood River is accused of plotting the assassination of civil rights leader Morris Dees; plotting to kill a judge and rob banks; plotting to bomb public buildings and to poison a big-city water supply.


White Pride World Wide http:www.stormfront,org/defaultf.htm

The goal of Stormfront is clearly and concisely expressed in the words accompanying the logo: "White Pride World Wide."

Stormfront's propaganda on the Internet is advertised as providing "a resource for courageous men and women fighting to preserve their White Western Culture, ideals and freedom of speech and association - a forum for planning strategies and forming political and social groups to ensure victory."

The Stormfront idea of victory involves demonizing and menacing Jews and non-whites, and its strategy involves the creation of ethnically cleansed political enclaves.

On Stormfront, one can find the writings of an assortment of extremists, from those of David Duke of the National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP) to those of William Pierce of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. Also available are various distorted interpretations of the Talmud meant to inflame Christians against Jews.

A most important aspect of Stormfront, according to the Anti-Defamation League, is its extensive list of links to a myriad of hate sites. The entire spectrum of extreme right-wing fringe groups is available at the click of a mouse. The sites include: neo-Nazism, Holocaust denial, "scientific" racism, the Identity Church movement and anti-government paranoia groups.

Stormfront is traced to the cyber work of Don Black, a trailblazer of the movement to use the Internet to spread the doctrines of racism. Black is a computer consultant who has helped engineer many of the on-line hate sites.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, Black rose from National Socialist Youth Movement activities in the 1970s to become a leader of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Black ran for U.S. senator from Alabama with the strong support of the Liberty Lobby, historically one-of the most antiSemitic propaganda organizations in the United States.

In recent years, Black has tried to portray himself as much more of a moderate. He was a recent guest on Ted Koppel's "NightLine" where he was interviewed on the issue of hate on the Internet. Black was so pleased with the performance that Stormfront has a link to the ABC Web site which has the transcripts of the "NightLine" program, including the one with his appearance.

Women's Groups:

Women For Aryan Unity

A new trend among hate groups is an effort to be more female friendly, and to let women know that they have a place in the white supremacy movement.

White supremacy web sites aimed at attracting women are flourishing. There is also a special Aryan Dating Page (ADP). A proviso to the introduction to the site notes that women and men listed on ADP are limited to white, heterosexual gentiles.

The Women For Aryan Unity are concerned about the readiness of females to go into the survival mode when race wars break out in U.S. cities, and when open war breaks out against the Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG).

A typical sampling of the Women For Aryan Unity site propaganda is as follows:

"There are various things that are necessary to prepare ourselves for our fight against ZOG and other evils that impose their destructive ways upon us.

"Perhaps it will be necessary to retreat to the forests of our great lands. Will you know how to survive? Have you thought about having to spend weeks or months without outside contact or help? Unlike our gatherings in Europe or the USA, you will not necessarily have the luxury of a nylon tent, sleeping bag or hamburgers cooked on your Coleman stove. All you squeamish bug-fearing females, lose your forest phobias and start preparing for tomorrow."

To be ready for the Armageddon, and to make sure that White Aryans are triumphant at the end of the conflagration, Aryan women are advised to become proficient in the following: selfdefense, midwifery, survival cooking and education.

When Aryan women aren't focused on preparing for the survivalist efforts, they ideally should be involved in procreation. With less than two percent of the earth's population counted as young, white female - there is some catching up to do. According to Aryan women, "The truth is our weapon, our skin is the uniform."

Her Race

A Web site for the group, "Her Race," notes that too many Aryan women are whining about losing the racial war. One partisan of "Her Race," takes the Web site opportunity to declare:

"By not having their own kids (these women) are hurting the White race. I'm actually doing something that helps our cause. I'm young and having White children ...

"If anyone asks why you don't let your children watch Sesame Street, simply tell them it's because Sesame Street discriminates against White children and the Aryan culture by presenting unwholesome, degraded images which are harmful to the White race.

"Let them know that Sesame Street is, in reality, a dangerous ONE-WAY street, which leads to only ONE destination - the destruction of the White race!!!!"

Aryan Nations http:www.nidlink,com/^aryanvic/

Aryan Nations is closely aligned with the extremist Christian identity movement, a strange blend of pseudo-theology and 19th century radicalism. Identity movement activists tend to be from Idaho and the northwestern United States, and are aggressively anti-Semitic.

Identity teaches that white AngloSaxons - not Jews - are the real Biblical "Chosen People." As Aryan Nation proclaims:

"We believe that Adam, man of Genesis, is the placing of the White Race upon this earth. Not all races descend from Adam. Adam is father of the White Race only ...

"We believe that the true, literal children of the Bible are the twelve tribes of Israel, now scattered throughout the world and now known as the AngloSaxon, Germanic, Teutonic, Scandanevian, Celtic peoples of the earth."

As a theological corollary, Identity asserts that all non-whites are interiors - "mud people" - without souls and on the same spiritual level as animals.

A familiar sight on the Aryan Web location is leader Richard Butler giving the familiar Nazi arm salute in front of the Aryan Nations Shield. There is an elaborate explanation of the shield with the exclamation: "Its very meaning is what Jews hate."

In recent days, the Aryan Nations Web site has been focused on the Aryan World Congress set for July 25, 1998, when Aryans from around the globe will converge in Idaho. The conference will be held "in the face of International Jewish Tyranny."

In a special Internet message from Richard Butler to Aryans, the leader warns that the Jewish Defense League has promised a "bloodbath" if the Congress tries to meet. Despite the threats, Butler is in the process of securing parade permits .and making other preparations for the July 25 event.

According to Butler, the Aryan Nations' latest "message is that Idaho is a prosperous, crime-free, Christian, Anglo-European State and that Marxist, Communist Jews will not destroy Idaho by turning it into a thirdworld cesspool of economic ruin and cultural destruction ..."

Aryan Nations followers subscribe to a 1998 "revised" Declaration of Independence that attacks the current Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG). Followers are preparing for a final day of reckoning and their apocalyptic vision is seasoned with plenty of cryptoNazi ideology.

In a photo accompanying an article on the Aryan Nations' activities published on the Web site of the Spokane, Wash. Spokesman-Review, a young woman is shown at the organization's Hayden Lake, Idaho headquarters compound wearing a Ku Klux Klan robe while a Nazi flag hangs on the building behind her.

The Order - 14 Word Press http:www.14words.coml

The "14 Word Press," Web site is the mouthpiece of the Order, an organization with plenty of its members doing prison time. David Lane, one of the leaders of this group, is in jail, but his wife is now reportedly behind the operation and maintains an Internet homepage. The rhetoric from this group is quite hateful.

The "14 Word Press" purports to speak for the Order and members of WOTAN (Will Of The Aryan Nation). The homepage describes WOTAN as "the spirit within the Aryan male which tortures the soul with the knowledge that the beauty of the Aryan woman may cease to exist on the earth forever."

Members of the Order presently are imprisoned for, among other things, the assassination of Denver radio talk show host Alan Berg. Berg was targeted for death in 1984 because of his shows which took aim at white supremacy hate groups.

According to James Coates' study, "Armed And Dangerous: The Rise of the Survivalist Right," the Order's Lane was a central figure in the plot against Berg. A sullen introvert with the code name, "Lone Wolf," the prosecution in the trial of the Order members made the case that Lane pressed for Berg to be the first target in their skewed plans to defend the white race.

The "14 Word Press" Web site opens with the hallowed 14 words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for the white children."

This is followed by a plaintive justification for what the "14 Word Press" is all about:

"Those who control the once-White nations deny us White nations, White schools, White organizations and everything else for racial survival. We resist this deliberate and malicious genocide. Is that hate?

"If Whites do not immediately establish an exclusive White nation, then the beauty of the White Aryan woman will soon cease to exist on earth forever. We are taught to dread the extinction of spotted owls, so why is it a hate crime to love and preserve one's race? Is that hate?"

The "14 Word Press" uses a lot of lmedieval imagery on its Web site with lots of swords, helmets and dragons. It appears to be an attempt to add a mystical quality to its pronouncements about the spirit and reality of the Wotansvolk.

Creeds and ethical codes for the Wotansvolk are a regular feature of the Web site. The "14 Codes of the Aryan Ethic" are put together in couplets on the site, and a few excerpts provide the general drift:

"Love, protect and advance your Folk,

As natural instinct prohibits miscegenation and self-destruction.

Treasure your history, heritage and racial identity,

As your ancestors have entrusted, it falls with you, it will rise with you."

SS Bootboys http:www.stormfront,org/defaultf.htm

The SS Bootboys are part of the phenomena of hate music groups with Web sites. The pioneer in this area is the Resistance, which publishes a skinhead music magazine as well as a "skinzine" that promotes bands on the Resistance label.

The Resistance and other Web sites of its ilk aim at the young. The homepage for Resistance says: "WARNING: The music promoted by this Web Page has been deemed unacceptable by Big Brother...

"If you are easily offended TURN BACK NOW ... If you are bold and independent-minded enough to think for yourself PROCEED." The site is designed to sell white supremacist music by such groups as RailoWe, Aryan Berserkr (sic), Nordic Thunder and No Remorse.

The Bootboys have their own exclusive Web site, which includes samples of their music which can be downloaded and played. The lyrics to the Bootboys are among the most hateful and despicable on the Internet:

"What can we do? Reeducate the White Race!

Cause its suspenders steel toes and white laces,

See our fist fucking smash your face ...

Suck it up you fucking coon, Suck it up you black baboon, Suck it up you fucking gook, Suck it up you asian puke!"

According to the Anti-Defamation League, the Bootboys have moved around a lot on the Internet because Web page providers are increasingly refusing to house or cooperate with hate groups.

"The Bootboys are a white power musical group that consists of four members spouting anti-Semitic, supremacist rhetoric," explained Jordan Kessler of the ADL's New York office. "They are particularly outrageous. White power music groups have been proliferating on the Web since around 1995."

While the Bootboys don't offer any original treatises reflecting their own thinking, they do offer a political section where one can read some of the writing that presumably has inspired their songs.

When opening the political section of the Bootboys' Web site, an Internet surfer is greeted by a scrawny man who walks across the page, drops his shorts, and proceeds to urinate on a hammer and sickle symbol.

Among the articles offered as inspirations for the Bootboys are: "The Jewish Final Solution" by Kurt Stele; "An Apology To Blacks" by Arthur Kemp; "Is It Worth Fighting For?" by Harold Covington.

The article by Stele argues that the "Jews have used their media and money power" to label the natural instinct of pride in being white as "racist." Jews favor immigration to flood white homelands with nonwhites to promote miscegenation and the decline of Aryans.

"Afterwards, presumably, Jews can carry on their traditional position of dominance and control of society, but for the first time there will be no opposition, as the mongrelized population cannot assert racial pride, because by definition it can have none," writes Stele. "Without a deep sense of racial pride, the mulatto population will not be able to oppose or overthrow Jewish rule."


The Web site of Crosstar, the voice of the Nationalist movement Jn the United States, is chock-full of nooks and crannies filled with hate. A parent index for the site allows one to find information on media bias, skinheads, wetbacks and neo-Nazis.

Other features include a collection of hate-filled speeches by Nationalist leader Richard Barrett. Most of these speeches have been given in the South, and the Web site information appears to be slanted toward a southern United States audience, particularly college students "fed up with political correctness and multi-culturalism."

In addition to the speeches, there's a cartoon page commenting on a variety of subjects. One depicts O.J. Simpson going down the toilet while holding the decapitated head of his murdered wife. Another shows the late Princess Diana in the ill-fated chauffeur-driven car, which is filled with money bags.

"The ever prim and proper British have been loathe to publicly criticize the memory of Princess Di out of respect for the children," reads the commentary accompanying the cartoon. "But quietly they express overwhelming relief that an Arab has failed to intrude his seed into the Royal bloodline."

The Nationalist Web site also includes chat rooms specially suited for militia members, skinheads and Crosstar supporters. There is a warning from the site keepers that it is useless to try to chat anonymously.

"You are being traced by government authorities," goes the warning. "But you ought to make yourself public, anyhow. Speak and act as if the whole world were watching you. You don't need to hide. The 'underground' mentality is for worms. Think like Paul Revere on his horse ..."

The Web site also features a monthly index of articles from "All The Way," which is described as the "fighting journal of the Nationalist Movement."

Many of the articles are written by Nationalist leader Barrett, who argues that the Crosstar movement is spurring honest talk about ebonics, racial inferiority, genetic problems and racial solutions.

According to Barrett, the ebonics movement is a step forward because it represents an admission that most blacks will never be able to learn standard English.

"If one talks about Atlanta, before the minorities took over and it became an 'African' instead of an American place, well, there was no crime," writes Barrett. "Now that the city is "Africanized" and "minority-ized," it is the crime capital of the world. Is it hopeless? Not at all."

Barrett declares that White power groups can take hope because now the racial situation is being talked about openly by Nationalists and other such groups on the Internet. Solutions can only follow.

Don Corrigan is a professor in the School of Communications at Webster University and he also edits two weekly newspapers.
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Title Annotation:white supremacy group's use of the Internet for their campaign in St. Louis, Missouri
Author:Corrigan, Dan
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Date:Apr 1, 1998
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