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Club upset at fans' attack on chief exec; RACISM. May 11, 2021 268
Hate crime wall graffiti 'message to misogynists' CITY WOMEN'S GROUP PUTS FEELINGS INTO ART AFTER STALKER CASE. MIKE KELLY Reporter May 10, 2021 409
Actor speaks of character Roy's worries. May 10, 2021 179
Ugly truth behind soap's hate crime. FIONA PHILLIPS...because she cares May 8, 2021 375
Petition calling for tougher hate crime punishments launched after attack on Chinese student; An online petition calling for harsher punishments for hate crimes has been launched after a female Chinese student was targeted in a violent, unprovoked attack in the city centre recently. Rahmah Ghazali May 8, 2021 411
I couldn't pass up saying bye to Seb in this way. May 8, 2021 371
This week's TV; We're talking about... Corrie's shocking hate crime. May 8, 2021 518
Sheffield's east and south east Asian community reacts to city centre hate crime incident; Many people from the east and south-east Asian community would tend to agree that Sheffield is a welcoming city which causes them no problems the majority of the time. Lisa Wong May 7, 2021 324
'We will bring you to justice': Police issue stern warning about hate crimes after Chinese student is attacked in Sheffield; Police chiefs in Sheffield have vowed to prosecute perpetrators of hate crimes after a Chinese student was attacked in the city centre in front of horrified onlookers. Claire Lewis May 7, 2021 584
Hate crime investigation launched after unprovoked attack on Chinese student in Sheffield; A female Chinese student was knocked to the ground in a violent, unprovoked attack that has sent shockwaves through the community and across the world. David Walsh May 7, 2021 568
Huge outpouring of love and donations help restore vandalised wooden statue in Buxton; A wooden sculpture damaged by vandals who carved anti-semitic graffiti into it is now looking better than ever after the community came together and raised money for repairs. Lucy Ball May 7, 2021 457
Philippines, ASEAN speak out against Asian-American hate in San Francisco. May 6, 2021 304
Horror at Corrie's harrowing attack. May 6, 2021 176
Charging hate crimes is slippery slope. May 6, 2021 742
Race hate crime arrests. May 5, 2021 236
Coronation Street Nina and Seb attack leaves Phillip Schofield wincing at 'uncomfortable' scenes; This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were horrified by the Nina and Seb plot in Coronartion Street. By, Simon Duke May 4, 2021 329
WOMAN FLEES FLAT AFTER 5 YEARS OF ABUSE AND ATTACK; Gran alleges 'racially motivated' campaign against her EXCLUSIVE. BETH GULLIVER News Reporter May 2, 2021 540
Gay paramedic, 29, burned alive in 'homophobic attack'. Medical condition overview May 2, 2021 360
Gay paramedic, 29, burned alive in 'homophobic attack' as home set on fire; Investigators in Latvia are being urged to treat the alleged arson attack death of 29-year-old paramedic Normunds Kindzulis as a homophobic hate crime. By, Charles Wade-Palmer May 2, 2021 441
Kiltwalk sisters smash it. May 1, 2021 257
STAMP OUT RACISM OR A PLAYER WILL KILL HIMSELF; LIVINGSTON SKIPPER'S DIRE WARNING Marvin Bartley hits out at social media giants Footballer in warning over abuse. IAIN COLLIN ; SALLY HIND Apr 30, 2021 382
Celtic outline 'horrendous abuse' reasons behind social media shutdown and call for end to 'racial and sectarian attacks'; Celtic will be among the Scottish clubs to turn off their social media channels this weekend, and though the club admits the online platforms are a 'powerful tool', joining the action across Scotland is a bid to stop attacks and abuse on staff, players and supporters. David Oliver Apr 29, 2021 319
Laurence Fox's Reclaim Party believes racism not 'huge issue' in Scotland as they look to repeal Hate Crime bill; Laurence Fox said identifying him as a white man was 'racist' as the Reclaim Party's Scottish candidate looks to repeal the Hate Crime Bill after claiming that racism does not appear to be a 'huge problem' in Scotland. Hannah Brown Apr 29, 2021 433
Help us to stamp out hateful Nazi graffiti; SWASTIKAS AND FAR-RIGHT SLOGANS BLIGHT TOWN. ANDREW FORGRAVE Countryside and Tourism Editor Apr 28, 2021 475
Man Arrested for Brutally Stomping on Head of Asian American Man, 61(graphic picture). Apr 28, 2021 233
Baku slams US Senator for supporting Armenian calls to ethnic violence. Apr 27, 2021 270
Corrie works with charity for upcoming hate crime story. Apr 26, 2021 209
Corrie works with the group set up for tragic young woman. Apr 26, 2021 212
World & nation in 60 seconds. Apr 26, 2021 541
Coronation Street's Nina and Seb to be victims of horrific attack as soap spotlights hate crime; Coronation Street has worked with The Sophie Lancaster Foundation on the hate crime plot involving Seb and Nina. By, Simon Duke Apr 26, 2021 742
Protest of Armenians in U.S. calls for violence against Azerbaijanis. Apr 26, 2021 442
MFA: Impunity behind Armenian hate crimes against Azerbaijanis. Apr 26, 2021 417
.victim of racists.. A war hero..vict killed in a Hull p in his place. Once again, ull Police station; THE BIG SATURDAY READ IN THE WEEK GEORG RGE FLOYD COP WAS FOUND GUILTY.. Ex-para died as cops made monkey noises in horror case inspiring Line of Duty storyline. EXCLUSIVE BY ADENIKE ADENITIRE Apr 24, 2021 1611
A war hero..victim of racists... killed in a Hull Police station; THE BIG SATURDAY READ IN THE WEEK GEORG RGE FLOYD COP WAS FOUND GUILTY.. Ex-para died as cops made monkey noises in horror case inspiring Line of Duty storyline EXCLUSIVE. ADENIKE ADENITIRE Apr 24, 2021 1609
Army hero left to die in police station as officers made monkey noises at him; EXCLUSIVE: War hero Christopher Alder died on the floor of a Hull police station, hands cuffed behind his back, choking in a pool of his own blood and vomit while officers chatted and made monkey noises. By, Adenike Adenitire Apr 24, 2021 1679
Locsin welcomes passage of US bill vs Asian hate crimes. Apr 24, 2021 259
Mission following acid attack on Pakistani-American student in New York: FO. Apr 24, 2021 289
Corrosive hate. Apr 24, 2021 372
Pakistani student blinded, disfigured in 'heinous' acid attack outside her home near New York City. Apr 23, 2021 663
US Senate passes bill targeting anti-Asian hate crimes. Apr 23, 2021 354
World & nation in 60 seconds. Apr 23, 2021 373
Killings ignited racial tensions. Apr 22, 2021 248
Pledge to unlock PS17bn women's 'powerhouse'. PAUL MALIK Apr 22, 2021 451
Killings ignited racial tensions. Apr 22, 2021 249
Lisle condemns bigotry after attack on ex-resident. Scott C. Morgan Apr 22, 2021 420
Pakistan-origin student blinded, disfigured in New York acid attack. Apr 22, 2021 582
Hate crimes and their impact on gun laws. Juan Abbas-Lahore Apr 21, 2021 528
Videos pile pressure on US police over racism, killings. Apr 17, 2021 643
PARADIGM SHIFT | Racism Is a Virus Anti-Asian Attacks and Hate Crimes On the Rise. Apr 17, 2021 1045
PARADIGM SHIFT | Racism Is a Virus: Anti-Asian Attacks and Hate Crimes On the Rise. Apr 16, 2021 781
Vietnamese living in US say they are determined life will carry on. Apr 16, 2021 1431
'TOUGHER SENTENCES' WITH HATE CRIME LAW; Justice Minister says legislation will crack down on 'disgusting' offences. CIARA PHELAN Political Correspondent Apr 16, 2021 316
'Parasite' director Bong Joon-ho encourages filmmakers to speak up against anti-Asian violence. Apr 14, 2021 339
As Filipinos decry anti-Asian attacks in the US, anti-Chinese sentiment festers at home. Apr 13, 2021 1071
Disabled people targeted by mindless thugs; vandals strike at mobility centre. CARL EVE @carlevecrime Apr 12, 2021 523
Survivors of xenophobia, hate crime captured in photos. Apr 12, 2021 1628
Making American Hate again? Javaria Nisar Apr 11, 2021 974
PH consulate in NY urges Filipinos to report hate crimes. Apr 10, 2021 347
Fil-Am MMA fighters condemn hate crimes against Asian-Americans. Apr 10, 2021 476
Brodsky fires doormen who watched hate crime. Apr 7, 2021 564
Politicisation of virus fuels rise in hate crimes. Apr 6, 2021 463
Vandals target election banners of minority-supporting candidates. Apr 6, 2021 517
Why Can't Canadian Social Democratic Leader Jagmeet Singh Say 'Palestine'. Apr 6, 2021 703
VP Leni appeals to United States gov't to ensure safety of Asians. Apr 5, 2021 427
Robredo says anti-Asian hate crimes 'deeply concerning, appalling'. Apr 5, 2021 393
White, Black and Asian. Apr 5, 2021 792
I grew up in a sea of genocidal hostility and I fled a civil war.. but these Hate Crime laws are a dreadful idea. And I thought I'd escaped this kind of nonsense when I left Lebanon; ACADEMIC WAS A VICTIM OF RACIAL HATRED BUT MAINTAINS NEW LEGISLATION IS BIG MISTAKE Psychologist argues political correctness kills free speech. John Ferguson | Political Editor Apr 4, 2021 1110
Hate crimes vs Asian Americans. Apr 3, 2021 1035
PH hails arrest of suspect in assault of elderly Filipina in New York. Apr 2, 2021 227
Anti-Asian Hate Demands A Societal Response. Apr 2, 2021 749
Stop hate crimes against Asian Americans. Apr 2, 2021 508
Asian Americans top target for threats and harassment during pandemic. Apr 2, 2021 658
'Someone screamed to distract my mom's attacker,' says daughter of Fil-Am hate crime victim. Apr 2, 2021 533
Asian Americans top target for threats and harassment during pandemic. Apr 1, 2021 654
Pacquiao joins anti-Asian hate campaign. Apr 1, 2021 211
pathetic; Slavia in astonishing attack on Gers over Kamara racism row SLAVIA GO ON THE ATTACK. STEVEN MAIR Apr 1, 2021 576
The Secret To Keeping This Moment Of Solidarity Between Black & Asian Americans. Mar 31, 2021 1011
Scottish Tories will try to repeal parts of new hate crime bill. Mar 31, 2021 204
Tories will try to repeal parts of hate crime bill. Mar 31, 2021 204
Locsin offers the 'gorilla' suspect in brutal attack of a Filipino elderly woman in New York free one-way trip to PH. Mar 31, 2021 345
Shanina Shaik highlights violence against Asian community in online series. Arab News Mar 31, 2021 392
Police arrest suspect in assault of Asian woman in NYC. Mar 31, 2021 506
We must think of better ways to advocate against social ills. Mar 30, 2021 335
Police probe after Wales players racially abused. ROD MINCHIN Mar 30, 2021 431
Scottish Election 2021: Tories pledge to protect women from hate crime; Controversial "elements" of the Hate Crime Bill would be repealed by the Scottish Conservatives, with the law amended to ensure women are protected. Gina Davidson Mar 30, 2021 421
Morgan attacks 'cancel culture'. Mar 29, 2021 184
Please don't suffer in silence; OUR VOICE. Mar 29, 2021 156
Tackling the curse of hate crime; Police issue warning as they raise awareness. KAREN ROBERTS Mar 29, 2021 1353
Morgan attacks 'cancel culture'. Mar 29, 2021 184
'Unacceptable' rise in hate crimes sees calls to take action. KAREN ROBERTS Mar 29, 2021 495
'Unacceptable' rise in hate crimes sees calls to take action. KAREN ROBERTS Mar 29, 2021 429
A Cambodian perspective on racial violence in the US. Mar 29, 2021 1623
Dangers of US-China Bifurcation of World Order: A Cambodian View. Mar 29, 2021 1086
Surging anti-Asian hate crimes and America's inherent human rights sins. Mar 29, 2021 633
What is hate crime? Narrow legal definition makes it hard to charge and convict. Mar 28, 2021 558
Hate crimes against Filipino/Asian Americans; FVR at 93. Mar 28, 2021 904
'Cancel the cancel culture before it kills our culture' Piers Morgan insists he's not racist for not believing Meghan; Former GMB hosts claims 'if our rights to free speech are denied, then democracy as we know it will die'. By, Daniel Smith Mar 28, 2021 907
Spa worker, waiter, mechanic: New Yorkers patrol after anti-Asian attacks. Mar 27, 2021 643
17% Asian-Americans experience rise in online hate, harassment: survey. Mar 26, 2021 202
Bloomingdale man guilty of battery, but not hate crime, for verbal attack on Muslim driver. Susan Sarkauskas Mar 26, 2021 309
Man guilty of battery, not hate crime, for verbal attack on Muslim driver. Susan Sarkauskas Mar 26, 2021 302
Racist graffiti: Police investigate hate crime after racists paint Neo Nazi graffiti on Linn Park golf course clubhouse in Glasgow southside; Police Scotland are appealing for information after hideous neo-nazi graffiti was painted across a golf clubhouse in a park area in the south west of Glasgow this week. Hannah Brown Mar 26, 2021 422
Lawmakers, journalists in Korea voice concern over anti-Asian American violence in US. Mar 26, 2021 648
Rail chiefs tackle hate crime. Mar 25, 2021 205
Rise of hate speech and hate crimes in many parts of Europe. Mar 25, 2021 463
As spectre of anti-Asian violence grows, I'm doing all I can to keep my family safe: Singaporean in the US. Mar 24, 2021 1020
UN chief "concerned" over rise in violence against people of Asian descent. Mar 24, 2021 376
Foreign minister vows to work closely with US to protect Koreans after Atlanta shootings. Mar 24, 2021 209
The Atlanta tragedy, hate train and leadership. Mar 23, 2021 1013
Police Scotland investigate alleged racial abuse and assault following Rangers and Slavia Prague football match at Ibrox; Officers in the Greater Glasgow Police Division are investigating incidents of alleged racial abuse and a reported assault following the match between Rangers and Slavia Prague at Ibrox on Thursday. Hannah Brown Mar 23, 2021 230
Hate crime suspect says driver raised religion first. Susan Sarkauskas Mar 23, 2021 332
Bloomingdale man accused of hate crime testifies Lyft driver raised religion first. Susan Sarkauskas Mar 23, 2021 450
Asian American Community Members in Skokie Hold Vigils rally against for Atlanta Shooting. Syed Ullah Mar 23, 2021 303
Number of racist attacks increases to record levels. TREVOR QUINN Mar 23, 2021 193
Great niece of SNP founder reveals she chalked women's rights message at government HQ; Chalk in hand, Mary Gordon approached the wall in front of St Andrew's House and began writing. Gina Davidson Mar 22, 2021 1000
COVID-19 is the enemy, not races or ethnicities -- CHR. Mar 22, 2021 238
Misogyny should 'absolutely' become a hate crime -- but it probably won't happen, says expert; "What this does is it just says black lives matter but women's lives don't". By, Erin Santillo Mar 22, 2021 359
'Govt ensuring facilities for minorities'. Mar 22, 2021 171
Suspect charged in the US for attacking Sri Lankan immigrant. Mar 22, 2021 163
Reckless gun laws may have played a role in Atlanta spa killings. Mar 22, 2021 714
When Government Transparency Risks Reinforcing Racist Stereotypes and Residential Segregation. Craemer, Thomas Mar 22, 2021 11510
If Mass Killing Of 6 Asian Women Isn't a Hate Crime, What Is? Mar 21, 2021 949
Biden and Harris offer solace after shootings. JONATHAN LEMIRE Mar 20, 2021 403
Bad days don't have to end in a murder spree. Mar 20, 2021 437
PH independent foreign policy correct in light of anti-Asian crimes in US, says Locsin ? Mar 20, 2021 341
How Biden Can Stand Up For Asian Americans. Mar 19, 2021 985
'We must act now for an anti-racist Wales: when we get it right, we all win'. Mar 19, 2021 911
Flawed hate crime policy. With Geoff Ford Mar 19, 2021 259
Baroness Kennedy urged to have sex added to Hate Crime Bill 'urgently'; The chair of the Scottish Government's new working group on misogyny, Baroness Helena Kennedy, has been urged to press Humza Yousaf to urgently add a sex aggravator to the controversial Hate Crime Bill. Gina Davidson Mar 19, 2021 571
Atlanta shootings expose fear in Asian-American community. Mar 19, 2021 858
A call to 'swiftly address' racial violence. KATE BRUMBACK Associated Press Mar 19, 2021 856
A call to 'swiftly address' racial violence Violence: Flags to fly half-staff through sunset Monday. KATE BRUMBACK Associated Press Mar 19, 2021 856
Readers' Letters: Hate Crime Bill fails Scottish women; The new Hate Crime Bill has left women in Scotland deeply disappointed and angry. After all, the equality and freedoms we enjoy today, at least in western societies, were hard won. Yet we still suffer hate, abuse and violence just because of our sex. Letter to the editor Mar 19, 2021 565
Filipino lives matter, too. Mar 19, 2021 837
Biden and Harris shifting focus of Georgia trip after Atlanta shooting rampage. Mar 19, 2021 494
'Women suffer 80% of sexual assaults and rarely report it'. Mar 19, 2021 487
Fil-Am Natalie Uy 'speechless, scared' amid Asian hate crime in US. Mar 18, 2021 179
Women helping women: Artists come together for victims as domestic abuse rises during pandemic. Mar 18, 2021 567
Celebrities, K-pop stars, leaders condemn attacks on Asians in US: #StopAsianHate. Mar 18, 2021 639
POLICE: SHOOTER CLAIMS KILLINGS WEREN'T RACIALLY MOTIVATED 6 of 8 victims are of Asian descent. KATE BRUMBACK and ANGIE WANG Associated Press Mar 18, 2021 718
POLICE: SHOOTER CLAIMS KILLINGS WEREN'T RACIALLY MOTIVATED 6 of 8 victims are of Asian descent Shootings: Asian community cites trend of xenophobia. KATE BRUMBACK and ANGIE WANG Associated Press Mar 18, 2021 718
Police investigate suspect's motive in Atlanta-area killings. KATE BRUMBACK and ANGIE WANG Associated Press Mar 18, 2021 1115
Misogyny should be a hate crime; MAYOR LAUNCHES 10-YEAR STRATEGY TO PROTECT WOMEN. NICK STATHAM Local Democracy Reporting Service @MENNEWSDESK Mar 18, 2021 629
Hate crime hotline sounds like a 'jobsworth charter'. Frank Moreen THE COLUMN THAT PACKS A PUNCH Mar 18, 2021 434
High time misogyny made a hate crime. Rt Rev Anne Dyer Mar 18, 2021 796
Women failed by Hate Crime Bill; Letters to the editor Send to - Letters, The Press and Journal, 1 Marischal Square, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1BL or email All letters are subject to editing and must include your full address and daytime telephone number for verification. Thank you. Letter to the editor Mar 18, 2021 203
Man charged after eight die in rampage. KATE BRUMBACK Mar 18, 2021 382
Probe into killing of 6 Asian women, 2 others 'far from over,' Atlanta police say. Reuters News Service Mar 18, 2021 793
HOME DEFENSE AGAINST A MOB. Ayoob, Massad Mar 17, 2021 2818
Anti-hate crime effort launched as Asian-Americans targeted. Mar 17, 2021 456
Scotland's Hate Crime Bill: How the SNP have let women down with this flawed legislation - Murdo Fraser MSP; In the run-up to an election such as the one we are facing in a few weeks' time, opposition parties have a dual role. Murdo Fraser Mar 16, 2021 1042
Scottish Conservatives pledge to repeal the Hate Crime Bill - your views online; "Well, as the Conservatives will never be in power, their future intentions are irrelevant!". Letter to the editor Mar 15, 2021 701
Priti Patel under pressure to toughen laws on hate and violence against women; Labour has urged the Government to make misogyny a hate crime and toughen punishments for rapists and stalkers in the wake of Sarah Everard's suspected murder. By, Mikey Smith Mar 14, 2021 510
Scottish Conservatives pledge to repeal Hate Crime Bill; The controversial Hate Crime Bill passed in Holyrood last week will be repealed by the Scottish Conservatives should the unionists win power in the elections in May. Conor Matchett Mar 14, 2021 428
Bill won't protect group who experience hate the most. Mar 13, 2021 309
'Protect the community': Asian-Americans organize against hate. Mar 13, 2021 909
HATE CRIME BILL GETS GO-AHEAD; YOUSAF HAILS HOLYROOD APPROVAL MSPs back legislation despite freedom fears. CHRIS McCALL Deputy Political Editor Mar 12, 2021 514
'Dark day' as Hate Crime Bill passed. ADELE MERSON Mar 12, 2021 388
In conversation with the tough subjects. Eleni Philippou Mar 12, 2021 325
Former Reds keeper feared for career after 'racial attack' hurt eye. OLIVIA TOBIN ECHO Reporter @oliviat_93 Mar 12, 2021 385
Video does not do justice to our tolerant society; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Mar 12, 2021 357
Stoking hate in a non-racist society. Mar 12, 2021 304
Hunt for Nazi hate crime vandal. Mar 11, 2021 158
Talks continue on Yousaf Hate Crime Bill. CHRIS McCALL Mar 11, 2021 191
Fierce debate holds up hate crime bill vote. ADELE MERSON Mar 11, 2021 211
Hate Crime Bill passes as Humza Yousaf tells of first experience of racism; The Scottish Government's Hate Crime Bill has finally been passed in Holyrood after months of controversy about its impact on freedom of speech. Gina Davidson Mar 11, 2021 1021
Eleventh-hour bid to stop controversial Hate Crime Bill; MSPs are being urged not to pass the controversial Hate Crime Bill as it faces its final hurdle in the Scottish Parliament. Gina Davidson Mar 10, 2021 608
Government in drive to tackle hate crime surge. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large Mar 10, 2021 565
Major campaign to tackle rise in hate crime across Wales. Mar 10, 2021 257
Women & the Hate Crime Bill; OPPOSING GROUPS DEBATE LEGISLATION Row after protections for trans people added to law proposals. SALLY HIND Mar 10, 2021 951
Controversial Hate Crime Bill vote delayed after fiery Holyrood debate; A furious debate over proposed hate crime legislation had MSPs at loggerheads for more than four hours over freedom of speech provisions and whether sex should be added to ensure women were protected under the law. Gina Davidson Mar 10, 2021 1015
Time to end hate crime for good; THOUGHT of the day Brian Blake is Lib Dem candidate. Mar 9, 2021 544
man attacked with a bottle in hate crime; Stranger abused and hit by jailed offender. OLIVIA TOBIN ECHO Reporter @oliviat_93 Mar 7, 2021 463
Increasing racial hate crimes. Mar 6, 2021 915
Charity champ Carol aims to spread the message that it's ok to be 'me' I Am Me gears up to celebrate inaugural awareness day. carla talbot Mar 4, 2021 843
AstonVilla 'appalled' at racist abuse of teen ace. Mar 4, 2021 398
Qatar calls for steps to end hate speech against Islam, Muslims. Mar 4, 2021 287
Hate crimes against Asian American on rise in US amid pandemic. Mar 3, 2021 681
SEE: International fashion brands and personalities call to #StopAsianHate. Mar 3, 2021 592
Scotland dangles over cliff edge on freedom of speech - Stuart Weir; It's hard to imagine having anyone around for dinner anymore. But let's cast our imagination forward to a time when it will be safe to do so. The room is warm with bodies, the table shows signs of great consumption, and laughter is loud and frequent. Until someone says something. One of your guests takes great offence to a comment you make. The humour of the night evaporates as quickly as it arrived as it is clear you have upset this person. It takes a moment to diffuse the tension. But you know that you have injured your friend for the rest of the night. Stuart Weir Mar 2, 2021 433
Humza Yousaf accused of ignoring concerns over protections for free speech in Hate Crime Bill; A freedom of speech amendment to the controversial Hate Crime Bill by the Scottish Government could "worsen the chilling effect" on people who want to discuss the tension between women's rights and a proposed expansion of rights for transgender people, it has been claimed. Gina Davidson Mar 2, 2021 999
Prelate urges Filipinos in US to remain 'calm, compassionate' amid rising hate crimes. Mar 2, 2021 245
Anti-Muslim Violence, Hate Crime, and Victimization in Canada: A Study of Five Canadian Cities. Mercier-Dalphond, Genevieve; Helly, Denise Report Mar 2, 2021 10097
Hate crimes vs Asians on the rise, PH tells US gov't. Mar 1, 2021 186
Philippines files note verbale over hate crimes in US. Mar 1, 2021 313
Racist attack vs BTS not the first nor last, say Asians who've had enough. Mar 1, 2021 879
Filipino-American victim takes center stage at anti-hate crime rally in New York. Feb 28, 2021 532
Pinoys in US cautioned on attacks vs Asians. Feb 26, 2021 178
Filipinos in US advised to exercise caution as hate crimes vs Asians rise. Feb 26, 2021 340
Racists trolling footballers think they are safe... it's a shock when police turn up; UK'S FIRST SOCCER HATE CRIME COP. EXCLUSIVE by MARTIN FRICKER Feb 26, 2021 973
Aston Villa 'appalled' at racist abuse of teen ace. SHANE IRELAND News Reporter Feb 25, 2021 398
An offence is to ignore real crime; Cops ridiculed for chasing 'haters' while fraudsters get off lightly. PENMAN INVESTIGATES ...from the fishy to theR fraudulent Feb 25, 2021 669
Furore over police hate crime poster; NEWS WIRE. Feb 24, 2021 204
Transgender hate crimes double in 5 years. KATRINE BUSSEY Feb 24, 2021 202
Support for hate crime victims. Feb 24, 2021 175
Safe settings to log hate crimes. Feb 23, 2021 165
Attacks against transgender Scots have doubled over the last five years; New figures show that attacks against transgender individuals in Scotland have doubled in the last five years. Rachel Mackie Feb 23, 2021 624
Hate Crime Bill: Humza Yousaf proposes detailed guidelines to quell fears over freedom of speech; Scotland's justice secretary Humza Yousaf has moved to reassure women with concerns over his controversial Hate Crime Bill by suggesting the Scottish Government would print "detailed explanatory notes" on freedom of expression provisions when the final Bill is published. Gina Davidson Feb 22, 2021 1041
America, the big lie. Feb 17, 2021 2931
MSPs urged to halt Scottish Hate Crime Bill until after election; Campaigners have called on MSPs to halt the passage of controversial hate crime legislation through the Scottish Parliament until after the Holyrood elections in May. Scott Macnab Feb 16, 2021 574
Covid crisis response is pure class. ON THE BEAT WITH PC RORY FRASER, SCHOOL LIAISON OFFICER Feb 15, 2021 510
Tributes paid to Sir William Macpherson, judge who presided over Stephen Lawrence inquiry; Tributes have been paid to Sir William Macpherson, the clan chief and judge who presided over the damning inquiry into the police investigation of the murder of Stephen Lawrence. Martyn McLaughlin Feb 15, 2021 605
The Costs of a Hateful Image. Massey, Kyle Feb 15, 2021 1419
It's Time for Arkansas To Pass Hate Crimes Law. Hovis, Tyler Feb 15, 2021 465
PS70k for foodbank targeted by racists. DAVID YOUNG Feb 13, 2021 247
ADAMS: BANNER CLEAR THREAT TO SEE ME DEAD; Cops to investigate over display aimed at former Sinn Fein leader. SARAH SCOTT Feb 11, 2021 567
FOR STEPHEN; Hugh back 22 years on for Lawrence justice TV sequel. ASHLEIGH RAINBIRD Diary Editor Feb 11, 2021 305
ADAMS: BANNER CLEAR THREAT TO SEE ME DEAD; PSNI to investigate over City Hall display aimed at former Sinn Fein leader. SARAH SCOTT Feb 11, 2021 557
Racial attack teentobe sentenced. Feb 10, 2021 201
America, the big lie. Feb 10, 2021 2883
Fresh crackdown over hate crimes on bus network. Feb 6, 2021 265
Officers aim to tackle hate crime on buses. Feb 5, 2021 167
Crime tsar in row over 'insensitive' video clip; BURNING SYNAGOGUE ON HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL. CARL EVE @carlevecrime Feb 4, 2021 688
Fight to add protection for women to Hate Crime Bill goes to next stage; Former Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont has pledged to continue her fight to add sex as a protected characteristic to the controversial Hate Crime Bill when it reaches its final stage in Holyrood, after MSPs on the justice committee refused to back her amendment. Gina Davidson Feb 3, 2021 611
Spotlight on making misogyny an offence. Feb 2, 2021 179
Reaction to Scottish Hate Crime Bill amendments left MSP 'alarmed and afraid'; The reaction to a free-speech amendment by Scotland's justice secretary Humza Yousaf to his controversial Hate Crime Bill left an MSP "alarmed and a little afraid", a Holyrood committee has heard. Gina Davidson Feb 2, 2021 1050
Region sees hate crimes soar in 2020. Feb 1, 2021 288
Baku slams Armenian hate crime campaign against Azerbaijani envoy, embassy in USA. Jan 31, 2021 474
Facing up to the ugly reality of hate crime and racism in Wales; The past 12 months have highlighted the ongoing discrimination faced by BAME communities in Wales, says Aliya Mohammed. Here she discusses what has led communities to say'enough is enough'- and what Wales needs to do to tackle the ugly reality of racism. Jan 30, 2021 827
Hate crime soars a third despite lockdown. Jan 28, 2021 265
PC once abused while playing junior football giving racism red card. Jan 28, 2021 519
Holocaust Memorial Day: World LeadersCall For Urgent Action Against Neo-Nazis. Jan 27, 2021 957
Policeman is country's first football hate crime officer; NEW FORCE UNIT TO STAMP OUT ABUSE AGAINST PLAYERS AND FANS. ANDY RICHARDSON News Reporter Jan 25, 2021 596
'PROBE GARDA RACISM AFTER GEORGE KILLING' 27-year-old shot by officers. CILLIAN O'BRIEN Jan 25, 2021 190
Let's challenge hate crime and heal our divisions. Jan 23, 2021 520
Warnings echoed over domestic abuse cash. PETER MADELEY Jan 21, 2021 302
Targeted - just because they are different. today's tv With Sara Wallis Jan 20, 2021 274
Targeted - just because they are different; TARGETED: THE TRUTH ABOUT DISABILITY HATE CRIME OF PICK DAY BBC2, 9pm. With Sara Wallis Jan 20, 2021 273
Targeted - just because they are different; TARGETED: THE TRUTH ABOUT DISABILITY HATE CRIME PICK DAY OF THE BBC2, 9pm. today's tv With Sara Wallis Jan 20, 2021 275
Reecord tv. Jan 20, 2021 808
Targeted - just because they are different; TARGETED: THE TRUTH ABOUT DISABILITY HATE CRIME BBC2, 9pm PICK DAY OF THE. today's tv With Sara Wallis Jan 20, 2021 286
Targeted - just because they are different; TARGETED: THE TRUTH ABOUT DISABILITY HATE CRIME PICK DAY OF THE BBC2, 9pm. With Sara Wallis Jan 20, 2021 261
Targeted - just because they are different. today's tv With Sara Wallis Jan 20, 2021 274
Attacked for just being different; PICK of the DAY. with SARA WALLIS Jan 20, 2021 806
TODAY'S TV; Pick of the day Attacked for just being different. with SARA WALLIS Jan 20, 2021 806
Targeted - just because they are different; TARGETED: THE TRUTH ABOUT DISABILITY HATE CRIME BBC2, 9pm PICK OF THE DAY. today's tv With Sara Wallis Jan 20, 2021 289
Targeted - just because they are different. today's tv With Sara Wallis Jan 20, 2021 274
Targeted - just because they are different; today's tv With Sara Wallis. Sara Wallis Jan 20, 2021 286
Targeted - just because they are different; today's tv With Sara Wallis. Sara Wallis Jan 20, 2021 283
Domestic abuse services blow as cash to go on tackling hate crime. PETER MADELEY Jan 18, 2021 262
Hutchinson Lays Out Goals In 'State of the State' Speech. Turner, Lance Jan 18, 2021 580
WEDNESDAY JANUARY 20; TV GUIDE. Jan 17, 2021 192
WEDNESDAY JANUARY 20; TV GUIDE. Jan 17, 2021 193
[euro]26k raised after blaze guts centre; Fund boost as 'hate crime' probed. CONNOR LYNCH Jan 17, 2021 165
Tories attack 'baying mobs' who topple statues of racists and vow to stop them; Communities Minister Robert Jenrick launched an attack on anti-racism campaigners as he said the government will draw up legislation to safeguard statues of controversial figures. By, Talia Shadwell & Press Association Jan 17, 2021 647
Multi-cultural hub fire a 'hate crime'. ORLAITH CLINTON Jan 16, 2021 252
The fantasy... 'murderers, liars' HATE CRIME PROBE AFTER COVID DENIERS GO ON SICK RAMPAGE THROUGH ROYAL. LISA RAND ECHO Reporter @lisarandonline Jan 15, 2021 431
Victims are suffering due to trial delays; Charity voices fears after cases postponed. EDEL KENEALY Jan 15, 2021 373
Frankie show probed; Cops investigate hate claims over panellist comment. SARAH WARD Jan 15, 2021 204
Race-linked hate crime increased during lockdown; covid changed how people treat others. ASHA PATEL News Reporter Jan 13, 2021 415
Priti Patel's language 'fuels racist attacks in same way Trump's does', charities claim; EXCLUSIVE: Four charities have written to the Home Secretary warning her words have "harmful consequences" after she condemned Donald Trump despite empowering the far-right in the UK. By, Dave Burke Jan 9, 2021 744
2020: Year COVID-19 changed face of the world. Jan 8, 2021 1705
Dacera's lawyer: Being LGBTQ community member is not a defense for rape. Jan 7, 2021 415
America overlooks religious intolerance in India. Jan 6, 2021 1155
America overlooks Religious Intolerance in India. Jan 5, 2021 1113
Scotland To Fix Section Of Bill On Criticism Of Religion. Jan 1, 2021 153
APHA 2020: Virtual meeting provides vital connections for workforce: About 9,400 public health professionals come together for APHA Annual Meeting. Krisberg, Kim Jan 1, 2021 2020
Forensic Anthropology in Investigation of Crimes Against Humanity: Global Dimensions and the Mid-19th Century Ajnala (India) Massacre. Sehrawat, J.S.; Sankhya, D. Jan 1, 2021 21748
Social Protest Folklore and Student Critical Consciousness. Brenner, Elise M. Report Jan 1, 2021 6999
Activists demand change in policing on Catholic campuses. Davison, Madeleine Dec 25, 2020 2992
Exorcisms defend Serra. Dec 25, 2020 182
Man with coronavirus 'kills fellow patient, 82, with oxygen tank' in hospital room; Jesse Martinez, 37, has been charged with murder and hate crime following the incident in Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, southern California, last week. An 82-year-old Latino man has died. By, Chiara Fiorillo Dec 24, 2020 299
Man's head stamped on in hate crime court is told. alan erwin Dec 23, 2020 201
Scotland's Hate Crime Bill: Why Muslims' and Jews' shared experiences of racism must be heard - Professor Joe Goldblatt; "A bomb may be planted in my car." These words were whispered to me by my father when I was 15. Joe Goldblatt Dec 22, 2020 1162
Our hate crime laws are NOT fit for purpose.. it's time for change; Minister unveils new legislation to tackle bigots. JAMES WARD Dec 18, 2020 558
Training proposed for hate crime youths. Dec 17, 2020 160
Far-right bigots use Yousaf scare tactic; EXCLUSIVE RACIST TARGETS MSP Intimidation won't work, declares Muslim Justice Secretary. PAUL HUTCHEON Political Editor Dec 15, 2020 319
Hate Crime Bill: SNP is being taught a lesson about the value of free speech - Murdo Fraser MSP; When the Scottish Parliament was first established, it was intended that the committees, constituted on a cross-party basis reflective of the political balance at Holyrood, would perform an important scrutiny role, effectively acting as a second chamber. Murdo Fraser Dec 15, 2020 1056
Scottish Hate Crime Bill gets MSPs backing, but with demands for more changes; The Scottish Government's controversial Hate Crime Bill has cleared its first parliamentary hurdle, although opposition MSPs said it needed further changes before becoming law. Gina Davidson Dec 15, 2020 607
The Intersectionality of Blackness and Disability in Hip-Hop: The Societal Impact of Changing Cultural Norms in Music. Gavieta, Matthew Dec 15, 2020 5784
Sweeping changes to controversial Hate Crime Bill to protect freedom of expression; Scotland's justice secretary, Humza Yousaf, has agreed sweeping amendments to the controversial Hate Crime Bill, including extending freedom of expression protections to include age and transgender identity. Gina Davidson Dec 14, 2020 1014
Vandals hit Black churches during pro-Trump rallies. MICHAEL BALSAMO and ASHRAF KHALIL Associated Press Dec 14, 2020 414
'Brexit and virus rules have led to hate crime spike'. hannah neary Dec 10, 2020 696
'Brexit and pandemic restrictions have led to spike in hate crime'. Dec 10, 2020 682
Slovakia still lacks better education for Roma and anti-discrimination legislation for LGBTI people. Dec 9, 2020 899
Race-linked hate crime increased during lockdown. ASHA PATEL News Reporter Dec 9, 2020 474
28 years after razing of Babri Mosque, persecution of Muslims continues in Modi's India. Dec 7, 2020 639
28 years after razing of Babri Mosque.... Persecution of Muslims continues in Modi's India. Dec 6, 2020 1091
Scottish law lecturer hits out after gagging by university over 'trans' comments; A top law lecturer who taught Scotland's First Minister during her student days has hit out at the UK's biggest university after being censored for stating that trans women are men in a debate about free speech. Ilona Amos Dec 6, 2020 572
Motion backed over hate crime. Dec 1, 2020 152
Motion backed over hate crime. Dec 1, 2020 152
BRAD KAHLHAMER with Susan Harris. Harris, Susan Biography Dec 1, 2020 5582
Horror of pig's head in road close to mosque. Nov 29, 2020 221
Hate Crime Bill would affect freedom of speech in transgender debate - comment; In Parliament last week, the Justice Secretary sought to assure MSPs that the Hate Crime Bill would not be used to criminalise the belief that biological sex is immutable. Dr Kath Murray, Lucy Hunter Blackburn and Lisa Mackenzie Nov 29, 2020 650
Faith in Holyrood decisions failing; Letters to the editor Send to - Letters, The Press and Journal, 1 Marischal Square, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1BL or email All letters are subject to editing and must include your full address and daytime telephone number for verification. Thank you. Letter to the editor Nov 27, 2020 176
'Disgusting' attack on Sikh schoolboy being treated as hate crime. Nov 27, 2020 434
Violence can also be psychological and emotional, CHR warns. Nov 26, 2020 306
Police launch hate crime inquiry after attack on Sikh boy. Nov 26, 2020 334
Purslow vow to remove the stain of hate crime. SHANE IRELAND With Villa Nov 26, 2020 437
Man tried to attack police before racial insults. THOMAS MOLLOY Nov 25, 2020 188
Hate Crime Bill clarification. TOM EDEN Nov 25, 2020 350
Cross-dressers at Rocky Horror Picture Show protected by Hate Crime Bill; Men who attend a staging of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, dressed in lingerie and stockings, would be protected under the Scottish Government's new Hate Crime Bill, while women who were abused or threatened for wearing similar clothing in public would not be, MSPs have been told. Gina Davidson Nov 25, 2020 607
Humza Yousaf defends 'insulting' as a race hate crime in new Bill; The Justice Secretary has refused to define "abusive" in the new law, but said expressing opinions such as "transwomen are not women" would not be prosecuted. Gina Davidson Nov 25, 2020 995
Aston Villa fans top list of hate crime reports last season. Press Association Nov 24, 2020 422

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