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Hasler Earns OHSAS 18001 Certification For Occupational Health and Safety.

Approval Follows Earlier ISO Quality and Environment Certifications

SHELTON, Conn. -- Hasler continues its program of meeting stringent international workplace standards with its recent certification under OHSAS 18001, the standard for establishing health and safety guidelines in the work environment., OHSAS 18001 is a recognized international specification that outlines the implementation of an effective Occupational Health & Safety management system.

OHSAS 18001 qualification, which is the result of approval by an independent, third party certification body, confirms that Hasler demonstrates a commitment to implement, maintain and improve the way in which it manages its occupational health and safety systems. In order to facilitate the integration of quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems by organizations, OHSAS 18001 has been developed to be compatible with the internationally recognized ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environmental) standards. Hasler has established rules designed to improve employee health and safety in its workplace, implementing procedures that cover such areas as fire safety, emergency distress announcements, safer work areas, and general "safety first" work guidelines.

Thinking Green

In August of 2005 Hasler became 14001 certified, which governs how companies establish an environmental management system to better manage the impact of their activities on the environment. It includes what an organization does to minimize harmful effects on the environment, while pursuing continual improvement of its environmental performance. Achieving certification in 14001 means meeting all environmental system standards, providing formal structure and control, and complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

Customer Satisfaction Through Quality

Hasler has been working within the framework of ISO standardization for over a decade, achieving in 1996 what is popularly known as ISO 9000 certification. More specifically, ISO 9001:2000 is used when an organization is seeking to establish a set of requirements that help create confidence that a supplier can a) consistently provide goods and services that meet a customer's needs and expectations; b) comply with applicable regulations; and c) achieve continual improvement of its performance in pursuit of these objectives.

"Superior quality through improved management and unmatched customer service is what separates us from the competition," says Hasler President and CEO, John Vavra. Vavra goes on to outline Hasler's quality policy, which is to provide exceptional value to customers, partners, employees, shareholders and the community, while committing the company to continuous improvement. Hasler achieves this by improving its products, processes, methods and work environment to ensure each customer is receiving the highest quality product and service at the committed cost and on time.

How ISO Standards Benefit Society

Achieving ISO certification offers real benefits for businesses and their customers. For businesses, the widespread adoption of International Standards means that suppliers can base the development of their products and services on specifications that have wide acceptance in their sectors. This, in turn, means that businesses using International Standards are increasingly free to compete on many more markets around the world.

For customers, the worldwide compatibility of technology that is achieved when products and services are based on International Standards enables them to benefit from the effects of competition among a wide choice of suppliers. Also, conformity of products and services to International Standards provides assurance about their quality, safety and reliability.

For everyone, International Standards contributes to the quality of life in general by ensuring that the transport, machinery and tools we use are safe.

Hasler represents nearly a century of precision engineering and extraordinary quality in mailing machines. Hasler is well-known in North America for its broad line of mailing and shipping systems and mail support equipment, such as mailing machines, postage meters, folders/inserters, address printers, tabbers, mail sorting and tracking systems and mail center management tools. Hasler equipment and systems are supported by a continent-wide network of independent dealers providing sales, service, supplies and support to their customers. For more information on Hasler, visit
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Date:Dec 13, 2006
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