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Hasbro Opens Toy Fair 1999 With Powerful Brands, Premier Partnerships and Cool Technology.

PAWTUCKET, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 2, 1999--

All-Star Lineup Includes: Furby(TM), Teletubbies(TM), Star Wars,

Pokemon(TM), Monopoly(R) Millennium, Easy-Bake(R) Oven CD-ROM

Playset...even E-mail Games!

Hasbro, Inc. (ASE:HAS), a leader in children's and family entertainment, comes to the 1999 Toy Fair with an all-star lineup of brands and products sure to entertain kids and "kids at heart" around the world. Exciting news from industry mega-hit Furby. An adorable and fun new line of Teletubbies products, following an incredible '98 debut in the U.S. and Canada. Of course, Hasbro is thrilled to be building on its 22-year partnership with Lucasfilm and Star Wars. Hasbro's wide range of Star Wars products linked to the new movie will begin appearing at retail in May.

Following are just a few of the highlights from Hasbro's 1999 lineup...Let the fun begin:


In 1998, Tiger Electronics, Inc., took the world by storm! It was hard not to hear or read about a special furry friend, Furby. This cuddly animatronic pet that speaks its own language, reacts to light touch and sound and communicates with other Furbys, won the hearts of kids of all ages. Furby is ready for Toy Fair '99 as a host of new friends and line extensions are unveiled, including Furbys in five different languages - French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

Star Wars Power of the Force

As fans await the release of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace on May 21, 1999, Hasbro continues to meet high expectations with its 1999 toy line based on the classic trilogy, filled with incredibly-detailed action figures, vehicles and dioramas featuring all the best-known, classic characters. There's much more to unveil later for the new movie, but here's a look at a couple of highlights of the Star Wars classic line up for 1999:

- Power of the Force Basic Action Figure Assortment - sculpted with

painstaking detail, each figure features a special "Flashback"

collector card, offering a glimpse of the story that will unfold

in the upcoming film.

- Power of the Force Classic Cinema Scene Multi-Pack Assortment -

kids can recreate favorite scenes with three realistic figures in

a diorama setting, complete with colorful cinematic illustration

and base.


"Pokemania" is underway! Boys and girls are collecting the adorable Pokemon "monster" toys that hit American retailers in late 1998. Hasbro's Pokemon toys are based on Nintendo's top-selling Pokemon Gameboy(R) video game and the No. 1 syndicated Pokemon TV cartoon. Kids will want to "catch `em all," as Hasbro begins "retiring" Pokemon toy items this year with periodic announcements on the Web site. New to catch and collect in 1999:

- Pokemon Small Bean Filled Plush assortment

- Pikachu Plush - a large traditional plush of the lead Pokemon


- Pokemon Roll-Along(TM) Stampers and Pokemon Micro Playsets.

G.I. Joe(R) Classic Collection

G.I. Joe celebrates his 35th birthday this year with 22 new 12-inch figures in the G.I. Joe Classic Collection line. Hasbro defined the action figure category in 1964 with G.I. Joe, and among the 1999 highlights of one of America's best loved classics:

- 35th Anniversary G.I. Joe "Then & Now" commemorative two figure


- World War II G.I. Joe astride a highly detailed

Harley-Davidson(R) motorcycle

- Baseball star and military-man, Ted Williams G.I. Joe figure

- "Adventures of G.I. Joe" - the "flocked" hair, fuzzy-headed Joes

of the 1970s.

Hasbro Interactive(TM)

Easy-Bake Oven CD-ROM Playset: Based on the innovative keytop toy technology, the Easy-Bake Oven CD-ROM Playset straps right onto a standard keyboard and interacts with a fun kitchen software. The plastic playset transforms the keyboard into a kitchen counter complete with mixer, bowl, measuring cup, cookie cutter, cake decorator, and, of course, an oven. Kids use these kitchen tools to create virtual cakes, cookies and other delicious baked goods on their computer. They explore the wonders of the kitchen and learn basic baking skills by following a recipe from start to finish. Making a big mess in the kitchen has never been so fun!

Ages: 3 to 6; Platform: PC; SRP: $39.99; Available: 9/99

E-mail Games: You have new mail! Open this message to discover the newest and hippest way to play games with friends - over e-mail! E-mail Games are coming to an inbox near you. To start, install your copy of the game, make your first move and send it off to your opponent's e-mail address. Competitive spirit swells as gameplay goes back and forth in your own time. Choose from more than a dozen new titles this year, including family favorites such as Scrabble(R); Battleship(R); Chess, Checkers & Backgammon; and Football. Platform: PC and Internet connection; SRP: $14.95; Available: 2/99

"Millennium Games"

Monopoly(R) Millennium Edition--Imagine the Monopoly game designed for the future. From the numbered foil game board to the edge-glow on the houses and hotels, this is a special edition of the game. Also included are eight new Millennium tokens. Ages: 8-adult 2-8 players. Approximate Retail: $39.99

Trivial Pursuit(R) Millennium Edition--It took a millennium to compile these 3,600 questions on the facts and follies of the last one thousand years. This special edition is packaged in a collectible "pie-wedge" tin box and comes with a circular game board. Ages: Adults Players: 2-6 players or teams. Approximate Retail: $39.99


Eh-oh! Building on the unprecedented success of Teletubbies(TM) during its first year, Hasbro rolls out an expanded line of toys and games based on the critically acclaimed public television series, Teletubbies. Hasbro's roster of Teletubbies toys and games in 1999 will continue to extend the fun and magic of the show. Highlights of the line include Teletubbies(TM) Tummy Surprise, soft, cuddly Teletubbies that magically feature illuminated pictures in their tummies, giggle, kick their feet and say fun phrases when their hands are squeezed; and the Teletubbies(TM) Tubby Go Round(TM) Walker, a sturdy, stable walker that toddlers will love to push because Tinky Winky(TM), Dipsy(TM) and Laa-Laa(TM) "chase" each other while Po(TM) plays peek-a-boo from the Tubbytronic Superdome. Teletubbies was created and developed by the multi-award winning team of Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport of Ragdoll Productions (UK) Ltd. It is marketed in the Americas by The itsy bitsy Entertainment Company.


In 1999, the purple preschool favorite, celebrates "10 Years of Barney"! Over the years, Barney has delighted youngsters with his show, videos and toys. Hasbro's roster of Barney toys, puzzles and games will continue to bring the show to life into the new millennium. The magic of Barney will come alive with new products like Sing 'n Strum(TM) Barney, that lets youngsters sing along while Barney plays his banjo; and Barney Song Magic(TM) Bongos, "magical" bongo drums that, when tapped, play one of 11 Barney tunes.


For over 35 years, the Easy-Bake(R) Oven has "cooked up" smiles and delicious treats for millions of children, and the brand continues to offer scrumptious additions to its classic line. In 1999, Hasbro teams up with Kellogg's Pop Tarts(R) and OREO(R) to carry on Easy-Bake Oven cooking success with children and parents. Highlights of the line include the Pop Tarts(R) Snack Stix, which lets kids bake snack sticks filled with fruity flavoring, topped with a "tart" frosting. And, bake sets such as the Cookie Pizza Bake Set, Donut Shoppe Bake Set, "M&M's" (R) Brand Cakes Bake Set and OREO Cakes Bake Set offers tasty results to please any beginning baker.


POWER BAT and POWER BASEBALL: The Vortex POWER BAT is the farthest hitting toy bat and baseball set ever. And who would know better than Mark McGwire, the world's new single season home run record holder and POWER BAT spokesperson. With its safe, pressurized high-impact oversized barrel and `mega sweet spot', kids of all ages can experience the immediate sense of confidence and accomplishment that has become the Vortex trademark. And, the POWER BAT is lightweight, so even the most pint-sized sluggers can easily pop one over the backyard fence.

The Vortex POWER BASEBALL has power core construction and an easy-grip raised seam design. Lightweight and safe, the POWER BASEBALL promises Vortex power with every pitch. The Vortex POWER BAT will retail for approximately $24.99; the Vortex POWER BASEBALL 2-pack will retail for approximately $7.99. Both will be available at retail in January 1999. The national advertising campaign is slated to begin in March 1999.

Super Soaker(R)

This summer, Super Soaker rocks! With a whole new line of Super Soaker Super Chargers that make filling extra-fast and the action extreme, those with anything less than a Super Soaker with its superior water-blasting technology, had better be prepared to get totally wet! Featuring radical new designs, the Super Charger line integrates the Constant Pressure System with a fast-fill water charger. Just connect the charger onto any ordinary garden hose, insert the nozzle of your Super Charger into the charger and - Boom! - in seconds you're loaded and ready to rock!

Water battle opponents had better watch your back! Because you're carrying a big 114 oz. (7.12 lbs.) of super-charged water-blastin' fun. The Super Charger Power Pak definitely has the water edge. The blaster features 5 nozzles - one with 3 times the water; another with 5 times the water of a regular Super Soaker XP; the Saturator which blasts out a powerful spray for overall drenching; the Sweep Stream, a fanned out slice of water for total coverage; and the center nozzle for filling up and charging the Power Pak! Suggested retail price is $29.99.

Hasbro is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of toys, games, interactive software, puzzles and infant products. Both internationally and in the U.S., its Playskool(R), Kenner(R), Tonka(R), OddzOn(R), Super Soaker(R), Milton Bradley(R), Parker Brothers(R), Tiger(TM), Hasbro Interactive(TM) and Galoob(R) products, provide children and families with the highest quality and most recognizable toys and games in the world.
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