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Harvest record.

Alaska's fishermen caught a record 184 million salmon this year, 30 million more than 1990's record harvest of 154.8 million, according to Herman Savikko, information officer for the state Department of Fish and Game. The pre-season forecast called for 165 million salmon.

But while the catch rose, fish prices dropped sharply. The value of the harvest is expected to total between $275 million and $350 million, compared with $550 million paid to fishermen last year.

According to Savikko, the record catch is due primarily to the enormous number of pink or humpback salmon taken, the smallest and least valuable species. Commercial fishermen caught about 125 million pinks, breaking the record of 98.9 million set in 1989. Pinks generally were selling for 12 to 13 cents a pound this year compared with 31 cents a pound a year ago.
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Title Annotation:184 million salmon catch this year by Alaska's fishermen
Publication:Alaska Business Monthly
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Date:Dec 1, 1991
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