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Two new additions to the The Harvard University Press Family Health Guides home health library series for non-specialist general readers provides basic instructions for families. Doctor Julie K. Silver's Chronic Pain And The Family: A New Guide (0674016661, $14.95) reviews and causes and types of chronic pain, with special focus on its family impact, issues ranging from employability to parenting and family interactions, and childbearing. It's this emphasis on the effects of chronic pain on other family members of all ages and generations, which makes Dr. Silver's guide different from the norm. Doctor Joel Stein's Stroke And The Family: A New Guide (067401667X, $17.95) focuses on the impact a stroke has on all family members; from a young woman who struggles with employment after her stroke affects her marriage to the sudden death of an elder from inherited genetic predisposition to stroke. Diagnoses and treatment options are also covered but again, it's the emphasis on family impact which makes Stroke And The Family a special recommendation.
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Title Annotation:Chronic Pain And The Family: A New Guide; Stroke And The Family: A New Guide
Publication:The Bookwatch
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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