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Harvard Business Reference announces management consulting: exploring the field, finding the right job and landing it! on CD-ROM.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 21, 1997-- Harvard Business Reference, a division of Harvard Business School Publishing, announces the release of Management Consulting: Exploring the Field, Finding the Right Job, and Landing It!, a new multimedia guide to management consulting that brings the job search to the desktop. This one-of-a-kind resource includes inside information from successful job applicants, current consultants, and industry leaders that gives prospective hires a leg up on the competition and a detailed look at what life as a consultant is really like.

"In 1995 over 300,000 consultants sold more than $50 billion of advice on strategy, human resources, computer systems, and more - to companies growing and struggling," says Eileen Marks, Director of Harvard Business Reference. "Industry projections are for more of the same, with compound annual growth in consulting revenues expected to be 14% through 1998. It's no wonder that more graduating students and professionals interested in changing careers are investigating employment opportunities with consulting firms of all kinds, from the international powerhouse McKinsey & Company to entrepreneurial firms with professional staffs of a dozen or less."

"We realize that there is still a mystique attached to consulting - with its rigorous interview process, high salaries, long hours, and reputation for attracting only the most well-prepared job candidates. Until now, the world of consulting has been difficult to penetrate," says Marks. "Harvard Business Reference published this multimedia career guide on management consulting to provide a flexible, informative, one-stop multimedia resource that prepares job-seekers for the entire process of choosing and securing a career in consulting. Now, with this CD-ROM, the world of management consulting is as close as the nearest computer."

Advice from the Field

The program features more than 200 video clips with advice on interviewing and salary negotiation from career specialists and corporate recruiters; commentary on the state of consulting today and its future by leading management consultants like James Champy of Perot Systems, Adrian Slywotzky of Corporate Decisions, Fred Reichheld of Bain & Company, and Jim Moore of GeoPartners; and informational interviews with experts in strategy and specialty consulting firms that present a realistic picture of the day-to-day workings of the job - and what it takes to get ahead.

Reference Section

Management Consulting includes a reference section with an up-to-date glossary of important terms that are likely to come up in an interview, ranging from "Activity-Based Costing" to "Value Migration" to "White Space Opportunity." More than 50 specialty and strategy consulting firms are profiled in this program, with extensive background information on the companies and recruiting contact information. There are industry statistics, salary information, and resource lists for further investigation of the field, too.

Interactive Case Interview

The most unique aspect of Management Consulting: Exploring the Field, Finding the Right Job, and Landing It! is the simulation of a typical Case Interview -the most notoriously demanding aspect of the job hunt. The case interview section includes hints from the masters, and feedback on the user's analysis in the case situation.

Management Consulting taps the experts who have been there so that aspiring consultants can: find out how to position themselves in the competitive field; target the organizations that fit their interests, skills, and geographical requirements; hear directly from both the firms and their clients on why they hire consultants; see what a typical career path in consulting is like; and uncover key facts and industry trends that are invaluable not only in the process of preparing for job interviews, but also for first assignments in the field.

Convergence Multimedia

Management Consulting: Exploring the Field, Finding the Right Job, and Landing It! was produced by Convergence Multimedia Corporation, a leading designer of interactive software for career education. The company's Career Paths CD-ROM series has received NewMedia's gold INVISION Award, the Macromedia People's Choice Award, and the International Interactive Communications Society Award of Excellence in Education. Tim Opler, a professor of finance at Ohio State University, is the editorial designer and content editor of the program and has played a leading role in the concept and development of the award-winning "Career Paths" series.

Harvard Business Reference

Harvard Business Reference products document difficult-to-find business information as well as classify and evaluate the plethora of material available on various topics in business. They are distinguished by their unique perspective on content, ability to make complex information accessible, and design and delivery, driven by customer needs. Publications from Harvard Business Reference include the award-winning Profiles in Business and Management: An International Directory of Scholars and their Research, Harvard Business School career guides, and the Field Guide glossary series produced in association with The Economist Books.

System Requirements, Availability, Pricing

Management Consulting is available immediately for both the IBM compatible PC (486 or higher) or Macintosh (68040 or higher) with 8 MB of RAM highly recommended. A Soundblaster or compatible card, Windows 3.1 or later (including Windows 95), and SuperVGA (256 colors) is required for the PC. For Macintosh, 8 bit color (with 16 bit recommended) is required. Programs are available at bookstores everywhere or from Harvard Business School Publishing by calling 1-800-988-0886. Individual programs are priced at $39.95. -0-

Visit Our Web Site: http://www.hbsp.harvard

CONTACT: Sarah McConville

Harvard Business School Publishing

(617) 495-6947
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Date:Jan 21, 1997
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