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Harsh realities.

Your cover story, Squaring up to inequality (October 2019) is an impressive exposure of the harsh realities that people in Africa face.

However, some of the articles within it came to the incorrect conclusion that the main driving force behind violent protests and severe political outbursts is income inequality between the rich and the poor. All are vulnerable.

Rivalries do exist between entities and in any formation, small, medium or large, and managements and staff do suffer in silence without agitating their grievances in any physical form during prolonged negative performance.

In today's global space, there is severe competition between the superpowers seeking geopolitical dominance, not only in Africa but other regions, such as Asia, the Middle East, etc.

The escalating trade tensions between global superpowers are a direct threat to the free market forces of globalisation. As market accesses are threatened by mean superpower agendas in the form of tariffs, the burden falls on manufacturing earnings and drops in profits are forecast. Ultimately, it destroys the dreams of citizens, of seeing new job opportunities created.

The recent oil sanctions imposed by the US on Iran will trigger oil prices to inflate beyond the grasp of global manufacturing firms, leading to inflation and recession.

That said, Africa, with abundant mineral resources and fertile agricultural land, is capable of being self--reliant without feeling the effects of global economic meltdown. The resources can independently lift its people out of poverty and misery.

But for that to happen, conflicts and unending civil wars should cease and resolution mechanisms take priority for development and economic growth. Africa should devise flexible incentives to attract local and foreign investments and developed home-grown policies suitable for its citizens rather than accepting prescriptions from the West with no beneficial gains--as your cover story illustrates.

Kokil K. Shah

Mombasa, Kenya

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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Shah, Kokil K.
Publication:New African
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Date:Dec 1, 2019
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