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Harsh Ruth fails to materialise; ANALYSIS.

SO MUCH for the "stronger" Tory opposition.

In just a few exchanges, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Tory leader Ruth Davidson delivered their downbeat verdicts on the first FMQs since the election.

Davidson, who now gets to ask the first question as a prize for winning more votes than Labour, said the view has changed but the answers are still no good.

And Sturgeon claimed that the opposition have changed but the questions are weak.

Despite the newly extended 45-minute format, Holyrood needed only 10 minutes to revert to type. But the tone set by the two principal leaders undermined what turned out to be a far more wide-ranging look at issues.

A greater number of backbenchers were called, leading to questions as diverse as the Lockerbie bombing, the Liam Fee murder and job losses at FirstBus.

But most eyes were on Davidson, who pounced on education as expected.

The promise of strong attack faded and it was left to Labour leader Kezia Dugdale to say that parents are most concerned about "disgraceful" cuts to school budgets.


BUDGET Kezia Dugdale

GONNAE NO' SAY THAT Nicola Sturgeon looks exasperated during FMQs. Pic: Fraser Bremner

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 3, 2016
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