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Harry in Indian tribute hint as he honours dead.

PRINCE Harry joined veterans as he honoured our war dead at a ceremony to open the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey.

He revealed he would like to include a symbol of India's fallen soldiers in his Cenotaph wreath. Marigolds are used in India to honour those who paid the ultimate ASIDE Duke at the ceremony price. Suraj Samant, of the Hindu Council UK, said: "Harry said he'd add a couple of marigolds into his wreath...

if he had the choice."

Meanwhile, Prince Charles ended his African tour and charmed his Nigerian hosts by breaking into Pidgin English, spoken by 75 million on the continent. "How you dey? [How are you?]", he asked VIPs.


saying thanks Harry joins veterans at the Abbey

RESPECT Charles in Abuja, Nigeria, yesterday

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 9, 2018
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