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Harry Styles 'Good Boyfriend': Is Kendall Jenner To Be Blamed for 'Hendall' Break-up?

Is Harry Styles a good boyfriend? For this, who should the One Direction fans ask? Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Cara or some of the other girls that the One Direction hottie has romanced? Chances are slim that any of these ex-girlfriends of Harry Styles will come up and vouch for him being a "good" boyfriend. So Harry's fellow band mate Louis Tomlinson has taken the charge to stand up for his bestie.

Tomlinson said that Harry and all other boys are really good boyfriends for their respective girlfriends. "I think we are actually all pretty good boyfriends," Tomlinson told The Sun, according to ( J-14. "We're definitely romantic."

So was it all Kendall Jenner's fault that she and Harry had to break up and end their relation? Well Tomlinson has no answer to this question. However he does know that as the most popular boy band they all get very less time to spend with their girlfriends. And when they do, they love to do normal things like catching up on television rather than going out and facing paparazzi. According to Louis, the celebrity status makes it difficult for them to date but at the end of all - they all want to be loved.

"When we actually get to be with our girlfriends, we just want to do the normal stuff we never get to do, like watching crap TV together and staying in," the "Midnight Memories" singer told the ( Web site.

"It's definitely harder [dating in the public eye], but I think we're in relationships because we want to be in them... We want to make them work [so] you only get distracted if you want to be distracted," he added further.

In other news, Harry Styles has been voted Villain of the Year at the recent NME Awards 2014 with Austin, Texas. It is the second time that the music magazine has vote Hazza with this title. The 19-year-old was pegged against "We Can't Stop" star Miley Cyrus and newly-single Robin Thicke, who recently split with his wife Paula.
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Date:Feb 27, 2014
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