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Harris Corp. Launches Advanced Line of Telecom Testing Products for Europe.

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CeBIT 2001

CAMARILLO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 20, 2001

Harris Corp. (NYSE:HRS) has announced that it will launch its new line of telecom test equipment designed for the European market at CeBIT, an annual international trade show specializing in information and telecommunications technologies.

These products include a comprehensive basic rate handheld ISDN tester, a family of passive monitors for troubleshooting European ISDN lines at the S-interface, a pair of testers to identify the error and alarm status of E1 circuits and a test telephone for use in customer premises and exchange testing. They will be unveiled March 22-28 in Hannover, Germany, in Hall 17, Booth B9.

The TS(R)350 test set is a comprehensive basic rate tester used to test, verify and troubleshoot European ISDN lines at the customer premises. This product tests both analog and digital services over copper lines, allowing carriers to purchase a single tool to accomplish a variety of installation, commissioning and maintenance testing needs.

In addition to providing easy go/no-go ISDN testing needing little or no interpretation, the TS350 test set performs plain old telephone service (POTS) testing, protocol analysis at the S-interface, and determines and identifies intermittent protocol problems or obscure configuration anomalies, all at a competitive price.

For troubleshooting European ISDN lines at the S-bus, Harris' new family of monitors -- the TS320 basic rate (BRI) monitor, the TS420 primary rate (PRI) monitor and the TS430 combination BRI/PRI monitor -- are the most cost-effective, accurate tools on the market.

The TS320 BRI monitor offers basic rate protocol monitoring to analyze the basic rate interface at Layers 1, 2 and 3. The TS420 PRI monitor is designed to monitor the primary rate interface to verify that the network protocol and terminal equipment are functioning correctly at Layers 1, 2 and 3. The TS430 combination BRI/PRI monitor alerts technicians as to which interface is currently active. It then decodes alarms in Layer 1 and indicates loss of signal, frame synchronization and distant alarms, which can then be isolated and repaired. At Layer 3, the unit decodes the complete sequence for specific call references, and each message is decoded and latched.

Another versatile group of testers is the TS400 E1 probe and TS410 E1 transceiver. Both these testers monitor, bridge and terminate 2 Mbit/s PCM transmission systems to identify the error and alarm status on any section of E1 circuits, with the TS410 transceiver having the additional capability of generating alarms and errors to verify that the PCM link is responding correctly to stimuli.

Alarms that can be monitored include loss of signal, alarm indication signal, loss of frame alignment, remote alarm indication, distant CRC4 alarm, and distant multi-frame alarm. Error indicators include framing word error, CRC coding error, bipolar line code error and unframed BER.

Harris is also introducing its TS27 test telephone, a robust, reliable tester for use in customer premises and exchange testing. This test set meets all of Harris' stringent quality standards, as well as the requirements of most international telephone operators.

Harris' Network Support Division (NSD) delivers solutions to public and private communications service providers around the world. NSD's solutions focus on the needs of operations, maintenance and installation professionals in deregulated telecommunications markets worldwide, by providing next level line test and network management systems, as well as test sets and tools.

Harris Corp. is an international communications equipment company focused on providing product, system and service solutions that take its customers to the next level. The company provides a wide range of products and services for wireless, broadcast, network support and government markets. Harris has sales and service facilities in more than 90 countries. Additional information about Harris Corp. is available at
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