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Love is the way: enfleshed in Christ. Dec 1, 2016 535
A remarkable team: it is a rare and wonderful thing. Dec 1, 2016 1244
Upheld by prayer: Thank you for your support. Nov 1, 2016 513
It's about love: Hip frontman has taught us what matters. Sep 1, 2016 519
Supportive readers: thank you for your feedback. Column Jun 1, 2016 492
Try different things: as long as there are two or more in Jesus' name. May 1, 2016 462
What do you want? It's time to give the Record your wish list. Column Apr 1, 2016 480
Give it to God: we can't make good decisions when we're angry. Mar 1, 2016 483
Injecting enthusiasm: planting for growth. Feb 1, 2016 562
Show hospitality to angels: Jesus' teaching is uncompromising: Do good. Dec 1, 2015 522
Carrying heartache and hope: vulnerable refugees deserve a share of our blessings. Nov 1, 2015 537
God is mystery: thoughts on dying help reveal the nature of our Lord. Editorial Oct 1, 2015 628
Reduced to a number: we need to feel shame for the horror of residential schools. Sep 1, 2015 615
Do we trust God? Opportunities should abound to listen to the Spirit as we ponder life 's central question. Jul 1, 2015 538
Co-dependent clergy: we need time for silence and discernment. Column Jun 1, 2015 520
Embracing spirituality: mainline churches need to turn to Mary now as they once turned to Martha. May 1, 2015 544
Overcoming fear and loathing: Vanier points the way to deal with fear of ISIS to the collapse of the church. Apr 1, 2015 557
Life and death: with love and compassion. Mar 1, 2015 547
To question well: asking and listening is a great way to have a conversation. Editorial Feb 1, 2015 510
Practice real love: we need constructive conversations on many topics. Column Jan 1, 2015 574
'Tis the season to be grateful: i'm counting my many blessings. They include you! Dec 1, 2014 516
Time to listen for the spirit's voice: stillness and calm are required as the church prepares to discuss same-sex questions. Nov 1, 2014 1001
We are called to give: correcting misconceptions about donor behaviour. Oct 1, 2014 529
Tarred and feathered: recent religious rights claims give faith matters a bad name. Mar 1, 2014 535
Think slavery no longer exists? Jan 1, 2014 518
Playing God: it's what we are called to do. Dec 1, 2013 528
Francis's Big Heart: pope provokes us all about our faith. Nov 1, 2013 508
Fear of religion: Quebec's Charter of Values unmasks disturbing trends in Canada. Oct 1, 2013 508
Written in data: churches need statistical information to rebuild. Column Sep 1, 2013 506
Our comfortable pew: we need to listen to some harsh truths. May 1, 2013 649
Desiring faith: religion isn't the issue as much as the institution of the church. Apr 1, 2013 671
Are we nuts? We're not as charitable a nation as we think. Feb 1, 2013 722
Constructive anxiety: Canadian Presbyterians have many assets to offer. Column Jan 1, 2013 683
Perpetual immanence: may your Christmas be filled with joy and forgiveness. Column Dec 1, 2012 624
A dialogue of love: truth is glimpsed through conversation. May 1, 2012 694
Worthy of their hire: migrant workers spend a lifetime in Canada without much protection. Apr 1, 2012 673
Along the way: allowing space for other possibilities. Mar 1, 2012 704
Expanding our selective memory: studying black history reminds us of Canada's impact on slavery--not all of which was good. Feb 1, 2012 711
Speaking up when it matters most: Canadian church leaders needto know there's a place for religion in public life. Column Jan 1, 2012 700
Extending God's love for us: we can never have too much compassion. Column Dec 1, 2011 715
Beyond Sunday school faith: reflection is needed for a mature belief. Nov 1, 2011 695
A matter of perspective: different worldviews lead to different theologies. Truth and scripture are present in both. Jun 1, 2011 647
It's all about relationships: the church needs to hear more women's voices. May 1, 2011 662
A probabilities test: the Record is the only media to report a grim and tragic story. Apr 1, 2011 684
Encountering God is the goal: church membership is not about creating rules to keep people out. Mar 1, 2011 680
The Church of R&R: always changing, always growing, always reflecting god's love. Editorial Feb 1, 2011 690
All that fits: the Record covers all that is interesting to those who are interested in the church. Editorial Jan 1, 2011 698
Don't make god small: this Christmas, gift yourself with a larger vision of the divine. Dec 1, 2010 685
I am Christian: speaking up for Christ. Oct 1, 2010 655
Beyond truth and relevance: the legacy of rev. Dr. DeCourcy Rayner. In memoriam Sep 1, 2010 691
Forgive us our sins: we need to do more than apologize and listen. Column Jul 1, 2010 707
A time to listen: our story is being told and we must hear it. Column Jun 1, 2010 684
Rearranging priorities: god has been generous to us. Editorial May 1, 2010 683
Populist thuggery: despite the facts, the feds continue their "tough on crime" policy. Column Mar 1, 2010 704
The hold fire: sing in the day, sing in the night. Column Feb 1, 2010 702
Restore Kairos's funding: God is opposed to economic and political injustice. Jan 1, 2010 704
Love came down at Christmas. Editorial Dec 1, 2009 683
The Record roundtable: meet our board of directors. Discussion Nov 1, 2009 722
Start something unthinkable: the church needs to be flexible. Oct 1, 2009 695
Tell more stories: that's the Record's goal. Jul 1, 2009 683
Bring on the learning: a robust faith needs to be constantly challenged. Column Jun 1, 2009 667
Some data to work with: a major survey provides an important benchmarking tool. May 1, 2009 674
How does our garden grow? A national survey samples the PCC's spiritual soil. Cover story May 1, 2009 2557
Seeking directions to lead: churches are dealing with diminished identity. Column Apr 1, 2009 690
It's all about relationships: without trust there can be no meaningful exchange of ideas. Mar 1, 2009 704
Suffering servants: ministers and congregations need to set boundaries. Editorial Feb 1, 2009 716
133 and growing: the Record seeks to create a conversation within the church. Jan 1, 2009 780
Happy shovelling: a child of the rectory remembers Christmas in Nova Scotia. Dec 1, 2008 694
Our apology. Correction notice Dec 1, 2008 130
Breadbasket to basket case: Zimbabwe is one more example of the West's abandonment of Africa. Nov 1, 2008 708
Subscriber privacy protected: but mailings help pay the bills. Sep 1, 2008 636
People of the book: the three Abrahamic religions are called to love God. Jul 1, 2008 707
Grasping theology: increasingly more Christians want to go deeper in their faith. Jun 1, 2008 691
Civilized and assimilated: natives are denied power and wealth. May 1, 2008 660
Open to love: growing requires the right motivation. Apr 1, 2008 673
God's creation: everything comes from and is returned to the Lord. Mar 1, 2008 682
The cracks of society: we who are strong need to offer a helping hand to those who need it. Feb 1, 2008 727
Messy business: God through Jesus chose to be incarnated in a fractious world. Dec 1, 2007 707
A cup of water: a little hospitality goes a long way. Oct 1, 2007 579
Wake up, church! The youth are here. But will they stay? Sep 1, 2007 591
Stealing time: general assembly should be about important issues. Jul 1, 2007 542
It takes personality: variety can be a good thing. Jun 1, 2007 681
Acknowledge the responsibility. Feb 1, 2007 730
Ask the right questions. Jan 1, 2007 718
Correction and apology. Correction notice Jan 1, 2007 82
A 130-year-old record. Dec 1, 2006 727
Mission is our life. Nov 1, 2006 786
Men, cease your childish ways. Oct 1, 2006 709
The powerful and the vulnerable: ministry depends on discerning the tigers from the lambs. Jul 1, 2006 694
Da Vinci's hidden truth decoded. Jun 1, 2006 712
Evolving polemics obscure real concerns. May 1, 2006 712
Managing the inevitable changes. Apr 1, 2006 716
Cool heads needed for green debates. Mar 1, 2006 681
Don't squirm--but God loves you! Recently at church the preacher was expounding on the baptism of Jesus in the context of four infant baptisms. She pointed out that parents' love for their children begins even before they are born, then blossoms at birth, even though infants cannot possibly return that love. Feb 1, 2006 626
Trying to do justice. Jan 1, 2006 723
The supreme season of stories. Book Review Dec 1, 2005 702
Keeping churches from being ghettoes. Nov 1, 2005 644
The fragility of civility. Editorial Oct 1, 2005 718
Palestine: Jesus was born here: a quick tour through the land of olives and lemons. Oct 1, 2005 412
We can't afford to ignore poverty. Sep 1, 2005 774

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