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Harris, Christine (text) Ann James (illus.): It's a Miroocool!

[b] ** HARRIS, Christine (text) Ann James (illus.) It's a Miroocool! Little Hare, 2012 unpaged A$24.95 NZ$26.99 ISBN 9781921541018 SCIS 1543112

Audrey Barlow has just lost her first tooth and is wondering if the Tooth Fairy will find her because, you see, Audrey lives in The Outback. She takes her concern to her brother who draws a map for the Tooth Fairy so that he can find the tooth. Audrey also puts out all kinds of signs to assist the fairy along the way. Then all she has to do is wait. But the results are not what Audrey expects.

The illustrations in this book are a true representation of the outback reflected in the tones of the colours, revealing both the harshness and the beauty. Language used, animals, the pink sunset and the surprise gift from the Tooth Fairy are all authentic to the experience of life in Regional Boulia. It really is a 'Miroocool!' Highly recommended 5+.

[b] An outstanding book of its kind as recommended by the reviewer

** Books by an Australian author or illustrator

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Author:Henderson, Heather
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Date:Aug 1, 2012
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