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Harpoon toolkit. (Internet Focus).

Macromedia Inc and Allaire Corp. are to developing a toolkit that will enable Allaire ColdFusion and Allaire JRun developers to use the media capabilities of the Macromedia Flash Player. The toolkit, code-named 'Harpoon," is designed to provide developers with a set of common user interface controls for Web applications built with Allaire ColdFusion and iRun servers.

Harpoon includes Flash-based user interface elements and custom tags to access and control those components within an application. The user interface elements, such as hierarchical menus, drop down lists, grids and calendars, will be presented within dynamically generated Web pages based on CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) or JSP (JavaServer Pages). Client-side interactions will be handled by the Macromedia Flash Player and passed back to the server without the need for a page refresh. ColdFusion and JRun developers can integrate these pre-built components into applications and control them via CFML tags (in ColdFusion) or custom JSP tags (using JRun). Designers can customise the visual look and feel of the components using Macromedia Flash 5.
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Date:Jan 1, 2001
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