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Harness the power of technology: the North's largest technology solutions provider. (Corporate Profile).

Following the paper trail has never been easier with a wide gamut of software applications available on the market, but determining a starting, point can often feel like charting a course without a map.

Whether one is looking to implement a fully-integrated accounting system, eliminate the margin of error in warehousing, increase customer loyalty or streamline and automate one's human resource and employee benefits administration process, BDO Business Technology Solutions Inc. (BTS) can offer a broad range of solutions for a seamless transition into technology based, applications.

BTS, a division of BDO Dunwoody LLP, was set up to provide end-to-end technology solutions. The company is the largest ACCPAC Solutions Provider in Northern, Central and Eastern Ontario, and the only Solutions Provider that has coverage across Canada. BTS provides solutions from the ground-level up, beginning with an initial needs analysis meeting with a client to determine whether or not BTS will be able to help the client meet his or her goals in the long run. A needs assessment is then carried out and the client is presented with cost structures and software options, which match business goals. Once a client decides on a direction, planning and implementation is initiated.

BTS offers services ranging from hardware installation within a network, to software installation, on-site training and access to various technical support services, including a toll-free hotline support desk.

The core of BTS's services is the implementation of Business Technology Solutions such as ACCPAC Advantage series, which is one of the only true Web-based mid-market accounting softwares available on the market, says Ralph Machon, a partner with BDO Dunwoody LLP. ACCPAC, owned by Computer Associates, is the third-largest software' company in the world.

BTS's Small Business Unit handles the implementation of entry-level accounting systems such as Simply Accounting, QuickBooks, MYOB and BusinessVision.

The Corporate Business Unit focuses on mid-market solutions including ACCPAC, which can be fully integrated with additional software programs such as Client Relationship Management Systems, eCommerce, eWarehousing, Human Resource Management Software and EDI, an electronic data interchange solution.

The Networking Business Unit handles networking, internet connectivity and computer systems.

"ACCPAC Advantage is not only small-business software anymore," says Machon. "ACCPAC has really started to go after the mid market," and has a wide ability to be integrated with other programs. ACCPAC has some extremely aggressive time sensitive promotions ongoing whereby clients could save up to 70 per cent off software costs.

BTS software solutions

ACCPAC Advantage Series

The ACCPAC Advantage series offers affordable, end-to-end accounting solutions for mid-market enterprises, with software bundles available for as little as $2,995, says Machon.

For the company that has multiple locations or multiple divisions, the software can be set up so that its nucleus, the accounting system, is common for all of the company's applications.

A number of software programs are available for specialized divisions to handle manufacturing systems, point-of-sale systems, human resource management, service management, fleet management, fixed assets and warehouse management.

"All of the software is available depending on what the client's specific needs are in the individual divisions, but they can all integrate into the same general ledger at the end of the day," Machon says.

Client Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

Customer loyalty is essential to the success of businesses reliant on client relationships. Customer Relationship Management software allows customer-centred businesses to effectively manage relationships in order to enhance the loyalty of existing clients. "Not only does it increase the loyalty by solidifying the relationship with the client, it allows you to get repeat business," Machon says. The software takes the process one step further, allowing businesses to do lead management, notes Machon.

With this software, if one gets a lead, or a potential customer, the lead is entered into the system, with all pertinent information for appropriate follow up, and the system runs through a process, which ensures the lead is followed up.

"Eventually when the lead does become a customer, you hit a button in the system and it promotes the lead to a client, then you sell right from the same screen, once integrated in the ACCPAC system," Machon says.


Managing an Internet-based store can be as easy as a click of the mouse.

BTS eCommerce software allows clients to have a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) store, which can be fully integrated with the back-office accounting system.

"In other words, they don't have to maintain their e-store, the store is maintained automatically when they maintain the regular accounting system, including their inventory, inventory price list and customer list," Machon says.

On an international scale, BTS has been the first company to implement the e-commerce solutions software for ACCPAC.

Human Resource Management (HR) Systems

HR systems allow people to manage their human resources in an efficient and effective way by reducing the reliance on spreadsheets and hardcopy files filled with staff information The program streamlines administration of human resource and employee benefits administration, thereby providing easy access to detailed information, which will allow for better management of these costs. Typical payroll modules only allow a certain amount of information to be posted, but with this system detailed information can be stored in one central location. "All the info that you need to in one keep on your staff is centralized system and fully integrated with your payroll system," Machon says. "It's a very cost effective system as well."

ACCPAC Exchange

Fresh on the market, ACCPAC Exchange, anew electronic data interchange solutions software package, provides large companies with the ability to interact and deal with other companies in a completely electronic format.


Sending a wrong product to a customer can be a costly mistake, but with an electronic warehousing, system in place, businesses can drastically reduce the margin of error. eWarehousing automates all the functions that take place in a warehouse, from picking, packing to shipping.

When an order comes in, it is entered into the accounting system and is automatically-transmitted to the warehouse via a radio frequency bar code scanner. The picker in the warehouse carries a scanner strapped to a belt and the scanner beeps to alert the individual an order has been made. The scanner prints out labels for the products and tells the picker where to go to find the goods. The picker scans the goods and the boxes and, if a wrong product is scanned, the scanner indicates an error has been made.

"You get the order right the first time because you have to scan the goods, therefore it leads to a higher accuracy rate," Machon says. "The system leads to a huge warehousing efficiency and better control over your inventory." Moreover, the picker is able to pick numerous orders with one walkthrough in the warehouse, rather than carry out a separate walk-through for each product.

To serve its Northern Ontario-based clients, BTS has office locations in Sudbury, North Bay, Dryden, Fort' Frances, Kenora, Little Current, Red Lake, Sioux Lookout, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay, Huntsville and Bracebridge.

Business Technology Solutions Inc. will be holding seminars throughout Ontario in November to provide an overview of the various types of software applications available, and the advantages the software can offer businesses. Seminars will be offered in Client Relationship Management Systems, eCommerce, Human Resource Management Systems and the ACCPAC Advantage Series.

The following seminars take place from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Register online at or by phoning the BTS hotline toll-free number, 1-866-236-0115.

Nov. 7 - Ottawa

Nov. 8 - Kingston

Nov. 12 - Sudbury

Nov. 13 - Barrie

Nov. 14 - Markham

Nov. 15 - Oshawa

Nov. 15 - Sault Ste. Marie

Nov. 18 - Thunder Bay

Contact the BTS toll-free number to receive a free copy of the booklet "How to Choose an Accounting System."
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