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Harmonic Selects Digital Fountain for Highly Efficient Data Transfer; New Solution for Network Operators Demonstrated at Western Cable Show.

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The Western Show 2001

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 27, 2001

Harmonic Data Systems, a subsidiary of Harmonic Inc., has named Digital Fountain a "preferred partner" and selected Fountain Servers -- Digital Fountain's unique data and media delivery products -- as "companion products" for its CyberStream family of new generation IP-over-broadband solutions.

Fountain Servers will interoperate with CyberStream to deliver via satellite large corporate files, databases and inventory, as well as archived video, including television programming, program lineups, advertising spots and video-on-demand (VoD). Typically, IP over satellite requires a lot of extra bandwidth and redundancy -- as much as 30 percent to 40 percent. Fountain Servers eliminate the need for this redundancy. In conjunction with the CyberStream platform, they will allow delivery of content over satellites to cable head-ends, bypassing the Internet and thus saving the operators considerable time and money.

Digital Fountain has developed an extremely reliable and efficient data-casting technology for a satellite system that is world class," said David Price, vice president for Harmonic Data Systems. "The immunity of Fountain Servers to packet loss and network latency creates significant cost savings for our customers, and is thus a natural complement to our CyberStream family of products for IP over satellite."

In a November 5 report published by UBS Paine Webber, analyst Anton Wahlman noted Digital Fountain's unique capability: "Digital Fountain...appears to have constructed a server utilizing transformational equations to deliver the seemingly impossible combination of narrowcasting and broadcasting. In other words, one stream, but individualized consumption. If realized in practice, this could feed the DBS (direct broadcast satellite) players the critical weapon currently in the hands of the cable operators only."

Previous generations of IP-over-satellite technologies require forward error correction that adds bandwidth to transmissions to ensure reliable delivery of data. Satellite transmissions are particularly susceptible to interference and line-of-sight interruptions that make it difficult to predict how much extra bandwidth is needed to ensure 100 percent reliability. A technique called "carouseling" that is often employed to ensure reliable delivery of content to disparate receivers with varying reception conditions, can easily double or triple the amount of bandwidth consumed for a particular transmission. However with Fountain Servers the data is transformed into "Meta-Content(TM)" that is virtually immune to loss or interruption. Packet sequence and order are entirely irrelevant -- only a sufficient number of packets needs to be delivered to ensure that a perfect copy of the original data can be successfully reconstructed. Fountain Servers eliminate the need for carouseling or forward error correction, thereby saving time and transmission costs.

"Harmonic has developed an industry-leading broadband delivery system for network operators," said Cliff Meltzer, chief executive officer for Digital Fountain. "Network operators are always looking for better ways to deliver their products -- time is money for them, and satellite bandwidth is expensive. If there's degradation in the file or the file doesn't play right, it costs the operator because the file has to be resent. Digital Fountain technology takes misdelivery out of the equation."

The CyberStream line of end-to-end systems and off-the-shelf broadband receivers for fast Internet and IP multicast solutions enable satellite, cable, wireless and Internet service providers to deliver unprecedented levels of information directly to their users' PCs. CyberStream consists of a data gateway, a variety of receiver devices and two-way satellite terminals. Solutions are available as individual products or as complete end-to-end systems.

The new CyberStream solution featuring Digital Fountain technology will be on display at the Western Cable Show November 28-30th at the Anaheim Convention Center in Hall D, Booth No. 1012.

About Harmonic Data Systems

Harmonic Data Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Harmonic Inc., is a leading provider of broadband IP-over-satellite systems. These systems enable service providers to offer revenue-producing interactive broadband services. For more information please call 858/675-7797 in San Diego or visit

About Digital Fountain

Digital Fountain is the leading innovator in the delivery of high-volume, mission-critical data and media-rich files over IP networks. Unlike standard servers, the family of Fountain Servers(TM) uses Meta-Content(TM) technology, which encodes data into a series of equations from which an unlimited number of users can reconstruct a perfect copy of the original content. Meta-Content technology eliminates the need for retransmissions or receipt acknowledgement and makes data loss irrelevant. As a result, Fountain Servers deliver data faster and more reliably than any other data transport technology or product. For more information please call 510/284-1400, send a fax to 510/284-1499 or send e-mail to Company information is also available at

Fountain Server, Streaming Fountain, Meta-Content and the Digital Fountain logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Digital Fountain, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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Date:Nov 27, 2001
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