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Harmonic Balance Simulator.

The HARBEC harmonic balance nonlinear. simulator allows the designer to specify any number of fundamental tones for analysis and to co-simulate EM, linear and nonlinear circuits. The engine also uses artificial intelligence techniques to find and incorporate the best convergence strategy. In the GENESYS design environment, EM, linear and nonlinear circuit co-simulation is nearly transparent. Behind the scenes, GENESYS automatically recognizes the lumped components, removes them, adds internal ports and runs the EM simulation. The multiport data are transparently included in a circuit theory simulation. Once the initial design is complete, the lumped components can be interactively tuned or automatically optimized at high speed. This capability brings the accuracy of EM simulation to the design of nonlinear circuits. Price: $4990.

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Publication:Microwave Journal
Article Type:Brief Article
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Date:Oct 1, 2000
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