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Harmless harvest launches probiotic beverage line: plant-based beverages made from whole, organic coconut.

Harmless Harvest has debuted a line of organic probiotic cultured coconut beverages called Harmless Coconut Probiotics. Continuing its commitment to product, people and planet, the company said it is closer to its goal of achieving a zero-waste ingredient model, adding to its efforts to run an ecosystem-based business.


The new line of refreshing, plant-based probiotic beverages joins the family of organic, Fair for Life certified Harmless Harvest coconut water. Harmless Coconut Probiotics combine the company's organic coconut water, coconut meat from young coconuts, active probiotic cultures, and organic fruits. The line will be available in Original, Strawberries, Blueberries & Acai, Mangos & Acerolas, with no added thickeners, stabilizers, or artificial flavors.

"This new plant-based beverage, made from the whole edible organic coconut, brings consumers a refreshing beverage with probiotics that support digestive and immune health," said CEO Giannella Alvarez.

Harmless Coconut Probiotics is an important innovation for the company and industry because it "supports our ecosystem, and it allows us to truly 'crack' the coconut, delivering consumers the delicious water and meat and bringing us closer to achieving a zero-waste ingredient model," said Harmless Harvest's Vice President of Marketing & Innovation Deanna Fleming. With the addition of the coconut meat, each Probiotics serving boasts at least 5 grams of dietary fiber and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).

"Our priorities as a business are to make delicious, organic products that connect consumers to plants the way nature intended, and deliver them from an ecosystem-based business that benefits people and the planet for future generations," explained Ms. Alvarez. "With this new product, consumers have a satisfying on-the-go snack they can feel good about--whether it's kick starting the day or recharging in the afternoon."

ReNourish Whey Protein Powders & PureMark Naturals

21st Century HealthCare, Inc., Tempe, AZ, has launched ReNourish, a line of protein powders that feature high quality whey protein with natural flavor profiles. Offered in Wellness and Sport formulas, ReNourish is gluten-free and contains no aspartame or added soy.

Both the one-pound ReNourish Wellness and two-pound ReNourish Sport protein powders come in chocolate and vanilla flavors. ReNourish Wellness 100% Whey Protein features 18 grams of premium instantized protein, added B vitamins and minerals, and a low-calorie formula to support overall health. ReNourish Sport 100% Whey Protein features 20 grams of premium instantized protein and an amino acid, performance blend that includes 3 grams of creatine, taurine and L-glutamine for support during intense training and faster recovery after workouts.


"Our protein formulas satisfy hunger and aid in the building of lean muscle," said Leanne Wilhardt, president, 21st Century HealthCare, Inc. "They can be used as a low-calorie snack between meals or as a post-workout drink. With 18 grams of protein and only 110 calories per serving, ReNourish protein powders are a perfect nutritional fit for weight-conscious athletes and workout warriors, as well as adults pursuing a healthier lifestyle."

The company has also debuted PureMark Naturals, a clean label vitamin and supplement line. PureMark Naturals 17-item line offers natural, vegetarian and vegan friendly choices, in addition to non-GMO, gluten, wheat, dairy, soy and preservative free options. The products also include a natural superfood and plant-based vegan protein enhanced with fruits and vegetables and nourishing extracts.

Ageless Cell

Life Extension, Fort Lauderdale, FL, has partnered with Insilico Medicine, Baltimore, MD, to identify specific nutrient combinations that function as geroprotectors, or agents capable of extending a healthy lifespan. The objective is to develop innovative ways to support healthy aging.

To that end, Life Extension is introducing Ageless Cell, the first supplement in its GeroProtect line. The product delivers unique ingredients that inhibit cellular senescence, a natural part of the aging process where cells no longer function optimally.

"By rejuvenating near-senescent cells and encouraging the body's healthy process for dealing with senescent cells, Ageless Cell turns back the clock at the cellular level," said Michael Smith, MD, senior health scientist for Life Extension.

This scientific collaboration has resulted in the identification of a geroprotector formulation consisting of four nutrients with various complementary and reinforcing properties. "Clinical aging studies are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to perform at this time. Our collaboration with Insilico Medicine has allowed us to develop geroprotective formulations by using artificial intelligence to study very large data sets," said Andrew Swick, PhD, senior vice president of product development and scientific affairs for Life Extension.

Scientists worked together to identify a subset of four specific nutrients--myricetin, NAC, gamma tocotrienol, and EGCG--all of which modify senescence-inducing pathways, inhibiting the development of senescent cells.

The scientists found that the four nutrients work together, but in very different ways, to beneficially influence key anti-aging pathways. Together, they combat numerous aging factors throughout the body. These compounds all modulate specific biological pathways responsible for keeping people young and healthy.

"Combined, these ingredients promote anti-aging mechanisms at the cellular level throughout the body, acting by multiple pathways, some unique, and some overlapping," said Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, CEO of Insilico Medicine. "Together, these four natural compounds represent the beginning of the future--anti-aging cocktails identified using artificial intelligence under expert human supervision."

Curcumin Ultra

Advanced Orthomlecular Research (AOR) Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has launched Curcumin Ultra, combining free-form curcumin (CurQfen) with water-soluble turmeric polysaccharides (Turmacin) for a long-lasting, synergistic effect that targets inflammation and pain relief.

Due to the unique and novel bioactive substances in Curcumin Ultra, the product works to combat a multitude of conditions including acute and chronic pain and inflammation, according to the company. Curcumin Ultra is fast-acting and has increased stability in comparison to other curcumin products on the market, meaning Curcumin Ultra can stay in the blood for over 24 hours, the company said. Curcumin Ultra softgels have been formulated and manufactured to contain 153 mg of CurQfen, and 84 mg of Turmacin.

Curcumin is the active ingredient in the turmeric plant (Curcuma longa), a yellow spice commonly used in curry dishes. Preclinical and human trials have highlighted the health-promoting effects of curcumin, namely its role as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving agent.

Biochemical analysis has shown that curcumin is insoluble in water and gastrointestinal fluid due to its chemical structure. Other issues include its rapid breakdown and elimination from the body, and the fact that it is poorly absorbed by cells. It also has difficulty crossing the blood brain barrier (BBB). All of these factors limit its use as an effective natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

According to AOR, Curcumin Ultra overcomes issues such as poor bioavailability, while also providing long lasting effects for 24 hours. CurQfen contains curcumin with fenugreek dietary fiber rich in galactomannans, which have a unique property of binding with both lipid- as well as water-soluble molecules. Galactomannans bind and "coat" the curcumin molecule, improving its water solubility and bioavailability. Furthermore, galactomannans coating offer a protective effect against the conjugating enzymes present in the liver, thus ensuring very high plasma levels of free-form curcumin. Approximately 75% of the curcumin in CurQfen is in its bioactive free-form, and this is the only curcumin formulation on the market whereby the ratio of conjugated to free-form curcumin has been actually measured. Despite the fact that CurQfen is water dispersible, it is not water-soluble. As such, AOR has combined it with Turmacin, which contains water-soluble turmeric polysaccharides. This blend improves CurQfen water solubility, which further improves free-form bioavailability. Preliminary human clinical trials have shown promising effects of Tumacin, namely its role as an anti-inflammatory agent in osteoarthritis.

Charge On Protein Bars and Drinks

Complete Nutrition, Omaha, NE, has introduced Charge On high-protein bars and drinks designed to provide consumers with nutritious on-the-go options to fuel an active lifestyle.

Charge On bars, currently offered in Dark Chocolate Cherry and Salted Carmel Cashew flavors, contain 20 grams of protein, whole food ingredients and no added sugars (sweetened with stevia). The bars are softer and chewier than many standard protein bars, according to the company.



Charge On protein drinks contain 20 grams of isolate protein and are available in two flavors: Empowered Orange and Grape Rush. With the added protein uptake ingredient Velositol, the drinks offer consumers a naturally-flavored beverage formulated for those who need clean energy before, during or after their workout. NW
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