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Harlequin Harnesses Power of Software in Battle Against Fraud.

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 30, 1997--

Launches the first fully integrated suite of investigative

and intelligence analysis software

The Harlequin Group today announced the first fully integrated suite of investigative case management and intelligence analysis software. Harlequin Intelligence(tm) supports law enforcement and investigative agencies around the world with this powerful new software suite that can be configured to meet the varying demands of a wide variety of criminal and other investigations.

The programs in this suite include Elementary Watson(tm), Watson(tm), Watson Mapping(tm), Watson Pro(tm), PowerCase(tm) and CaseCall(tm). The foundation of the suite is Watson, a powerful visual analysis tool for operational intelligence. It enables investigators to rapidly import, track and then interpret data from a wide range of sources. Watson provides a powerful querying facility to support the effective analysis of that data. Using special technology developed by Harlequin, Watson can actually identify links between contacts and reveal associations amongst activities that are not immediately apparent to an investigator or analyst, shortening the time required to reach conclusions and bring a case to a successful close.

Another key component of the suite is PowerCase, a case and information management system for the support of criminal and other investigations. It can be integrated smoothly with Watson to support intelligence-led investigations. PowerCase enables investigators to structure, maintain, research and analyze information for all types of inquiries. It has been developed to ensure that the method and practice implemented at the start of an investigation is maintained right through to the end. A key feature, PowerIndexing(tm), cross-references database information so that extraction of objects and records is completely automated.

The Harlequin Intelligence suite as a whole is designed to handle many different types of crime including homicide, fraud and drug related offenses. Government agencies use the software to combat organized crime involving counterfeiting, fraud, drug and gang activity. It is also designed for use in commercial business environments where these powerful technologies can be applied to the investigation of corporate business concerns.

Other Components

Watson Pro is an advanced intelligence modelling and database customization tool, to enable users to customize Watson for the analysis of special aspects of an investigation. Watson Mapping allows information to be transferred onto a map for spatial analysis, helping analysts to analyze and understand geographical aspects of an investigation. Elementary Watson is designed for investigators who do not need the full power of the standard Watson product. It provides a simpler introduction to the technology at an economical price, with a convenient upgrade option for the full product. Another component of the Harlequin Intelligence suite is CaseCall. This program makes it possible to obtain and manage a complete analysis of telephone traffic relevant to a case under investigation.

System Requirements:

The following configuration is required for running Watson or Elementary Watson: Operating system: Windows(r) 95; Windows NT(r) 3.51 or 4.0 Hard disk space required: 30MB Video Display Unit: VGA Printer: Windows compatible Minimum memory: 16MB

The following configuration is required for running PowerCase with Watson or Watson Mapping: Operating system: Windows 95; Windows NT 3.51 or 4.0 Hard disk space required: 80MB Video Display Unit: SVGA (1,024 x 768) Printer: Windows compatible Minimum memory: 64MB

Client/Server Capability

Harlequin Intelligence products are typically available in single-user or multi-user client/server configurations that can be adapted to a wide variety of situations, from lightweight to the most demanding of cases.

Product Availability and Support

All of the Harlequin Intelligence products are available immediately through Harlequin's distributed facilities and partners. The company supports its products with technical services and training through its global network. Whenever appropriate, regular staff are supported by Harlequin's own specialist consultants, each of whom has a background in formal and practical investigations and intelligence techniques.

The Harlequin Group

For more than eleven years, Harlequin has dedicated itself to the development and delivery of highly creative and effective solutions to complex problems - from telecommunications to color management technology. Harlequin has grown into a global high-technology software company with top-class expertise in intelligence analysis, information management, software development and delivery tools, high-quality digital printing and publishing, and image sequence processing. Founded in 1986, the company now employs some 330 staff around the world, with revenues approaching $40 million. -0-

Copyright (c) 1997 The Harlequin Group Limited. All rights reserved.

Harlequin is a registered trademark and Harlequin Intelligence, Watson, PowerCase, CaseCall, Watson Pro, Watson Mapping and Elementary Watson are all trademarks of The Harlequin Group Limited. All specifications subject to change without notice. Harlequin cannot accept liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of information or particulars in this document.

Windows and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 30, 1997
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