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Harland Machine Systems take the biscuit.

Harland Machine Systems take the Biscuit

Harland Machine Systems helps thousands of cookies a day leave the Cookie Man factory in Epsom, Surrey, labelled and ready for their destination.

Carl Scheib arrived in England from the United States and set up the Cookie Man company in 1979. His company introduced the first chocolate chip cookie to Britain, which he describes as initially needing "a bit of a hard sell". Today, Cookie Man cookies are sold to stores from Harrods to Safeways, refresh British Rail travellers and supply retailers throughout Great Britain and France.

The cookies are made and despatched the same day: no cookies are stored at Cookie Man's premises. Packaging of the cookies is an important aspect of the production process, for obvious hygiene and product identification reasons. Cookies are sold both individually wrapped and labelled, and in larger boxes for bulk distribution.

They are individually wrapped by an Otem flow wrap machine, progressing along the packaging line to the Proteus unit, a pressure sensitive label applicator from Harland Machine Systems.

As he says "Not all our packs are a uniform size, since the cookies are all individually hand made. When we were looking for a label applicator we found that many machines had to be fed identical products in order to function".

The Proteus is easily and rapidly adjusted to take the different sizes of cookies and cakes passing through, from a single small cookie to a three pack of brownies. Similarly, it accommodates the assortment of customer labels that Cookie Man applies at its premises.

Cookie Man operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the Proteus is solely responsible for all their labelling requirements.

PHOTO : Harland's Proteus label applicator seen at Cookie Man
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Date:May 1, 1990
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