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Hares and hay bales.

I was rather disappointed to come across your article about the Llyn Peninsula Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (February 2010) as my partner and I holiday on Bardsey Island every spring, and one of the things we most enjoy is the peace and quiet.

But if your readers do insist upon invading our Arcadia, I would recommend they visit the Felin Uchaf, an environmental centre that trains people in the construction of buildings using traditional materials such as mud, hay bales and wood. It's a fascinating and often-overlooked visitor attraction--running all sorts of events from courses about how to build timber-framed buildings to hare-spotting tours (there are quite a few brown hares in the area)--and it needs as much support as it can get because it's doing such good work.

One of its long-term aims is to construct timber-framed buildings in the wider Llyn Peninsula. This is an excellent idea as these buildings really complement the old farmsteads dotted across the countryside, and are much more in keeping with the landscape than the infestation of static caravans that is currently plaguing the coastlines of the area. I know many of these caravan sites have been granted permission as they support agriculture in the area by giving farmers an extra income stream, but if the council only gave permission for farmers to build traditional hay-bale buildings with thatched roofs on their land, rather than ugly plastic caravans or badly built modern houses, it would not only improve the visual aesthetics of the landscape but, I'm guessing, bring more money to both farmers and the local economy, as visitors are likely to be willing to pay much more to stay in an eco-friendly mud-walled round house than a cheap uPVC box.

Rosie Pringle, Bideford-upon-Avon

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Author:Pringle, Rosie
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Date:Apr 1, 2010
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