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Hardware: trends & wish list items.

Drawer slides: In addition to quiet closing, smooth-running action and full extension in their drawer slides, consumers continue to want easy-closing action integrated into more products. Also on people's wish list: the ability to use the same slide for all applications, including overlay or inset drawers, face-frame and frameless cabinets, and side mount or bottom mount applications. Greater adjustability -- side-to-side, height, depth and rear tilt -- also make consumers' list of requests.

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Hinges: Consumers want to see soft-closing options expanded to wider range of door styles, thicknesses and sizes, for face-frame, frameless as well as doors made from glass or other media. Hinges that offer wider angle openings are also becoming increasingly desired. Also increasingly popular are hinges with adjustable soft-close dampers; where the dampening mechanism is fully integrated and concealed in the hinge housing, for cleaner, sharper look.

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Date:Mar 1, 2012
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