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Hardly actions of 'weaker sex'.

Byline: Denise Robertson

EVERY writer knows a moment when they contemplate their pen and think

"Better not write that.. .it will get me into trouble".

Sometimes you decide discretion is the better part of valour.

At other times you think "No, this needs to be said".

Such a moment is upon me. I'm aghast at the alacrity with which women journalists will attack their own sex.

There, I've said it. Sisterhood is largely a myth.

Who has been most cruel towards Heather Mills McCartney? Men have had a go but none have come even near the vitriol of her fellow females.

And it's not just Heather. When Kirsty Young took over Desert Island Discs a national newspaper published a critique of her so vicious it took my breath away. Her crime?

She is talented, beautiful and happy. That is not to be forgiven so she must have achieved her success by devious means.

And it wasn't some crusty old misogynist who wrote it. It was another woman.

I can dish out a sideswipe when I think it necessary.

I've been pretty plain about Heather recently, but I'd hate to be making a habit, let alone a living, out of it.

Some women columnists make Dracula look like Mary Poppins. I'm not asking for female solidarity come what may.

Nor do I want to see colourless opinion but there's a happy medium, surely.

For the moment, when it comes to comment, whichever man said women were the weaker sex didn't know his arsenal from his elbow.


Under fire: Heather Mills McCartney, right, and, Kirsty Young, far right.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 31, 2006
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