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Hardest of all words.

HUMBLED Hazel Blears issued what is the mother of all political apologies.

The former minister learned the hard way that Westminster hysteria isn't the real world.

People are turned off by the strops and posturing of politicians who play silly games in London. So the Labour plotters who tried to topple Gordon Brown now look foolish after their shambles of a coup failed.

Blears' remorse rings true. Her damaging betrayal of Labour's footsoldiers and voters by Rocking the Boat on the eve of crucial elections is inexplicable by a woman who preaches her loyalty.

But would she be singing a different tune if the coup ousted Brown and a Cabinet return awaited under a new Prime Minister? Probably. Blears' immediate future will be determined in Salford but we believe she deserves some credit for a very public mea culpa.

Fellow plotter Charles Clarke should copy Blears instead of sounding like a stuck record - the ex-minister boring for Britain by continuing to snipe at Brown.

Blears is a tireless campaigner, a good communicator and now she has many regrets.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 13, 2009
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