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Hard-time oil change mileage.



On 1 Oct 04, tactical wheeled vehicles in the 2300 series Federal Supply Classification (FSC) were removed from the Army Oil Analysis Program (AOAP)

As a result, and after an analysis of AOAP oil sampling and change interval data, MAM 09-052 set the engine oil change interval to 6,000 miles or annually, whichever comes first. If vehicles already had greater intervals, the greater intervals continue to apply.

For example, the M915-series vehicles produced by Freightliner, which already had a 10,000 miles or 12 months interval, remained unchanged.

For transmissions, the new interval is a minimum of 12,000 miles or 24 months.

Vehicle lube orders that already had change intervals greater than 12,000 miles kept their existing mileage intervals, but the calendar time intervals changed to 24 months.

Tactical wheeled vehicles under manufacturer's warranty follow the change intervals prescribed by warranty provisions or guidelines. When warranties expire, vehicles will conform to the interval requirement of 6,000 miles or annually, unless the prescribed mileage/interval is greater. Greater prescribed mileage/intervals will continue.

Desert Conditions

However, when units are deployed or stationed in extreme desert conditions extra servicing is required.


In desert conditions, grit that accumulates in the oil pan can be abrasive. It can also thicken oil, reducing its ability to lubricate properly. Unburned low-octane fuel can also seep down the cylinder walls and dilute the reservoir. Diluted lubricants cool less effectively, and evaporate at the higher temperatures generated during engine operation.

Oil changes and lubrication of undercarriage points at more frequent intervals during desert operations will prolong engine and vehicle life.


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