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Hard working.

Handcycling is hard work. Then again, hard work is something Craig Cornwall has never been afraid of.

In addition to being a competitive handcyclist, Cornwall is also a skilled engineer, a graduate student, a devoted husband, and a father of six. After sustaining a spinal-cord injury while training as a Navy SEAL, he immediately shifted gears and jumped right into the next challenge.

Working from his home in Boise, Idaho, Cornwall is always on the move. He is currently employed by NASA and is also working on earning a graduate degree. Between his work and studies, he still finds time to train for handcycle racing.

Cornwall is also coordinating the construction of a major addition to his family's home. With six kids (including a set of 2-year-old triplets), the additional space will be welcomed.

As one might expect, there is rarely a dull moment at the household. Cornwall credits his wife, Morgan, as being the glue that holds it all together.

During the first weekend of April, Cornwall traveled to Redlands, Calif., to compete in the Redlands Classic. It's an annual pro cycling stage race that includes a handcycle division.

This year's handcycling events included a time trial, a circuit race, and two criteriums. In the weeks leading up to the races, Cornwall's training faced a bit of a setback as he was unable to ride due to an illness.

His weekend got off to a slow start with a sixth-place finish in the opening time trial. However, Cornwall continued to grind away and gain momentum with each race. By the end of the weekend, he found himself on the podium in the final criterium.

Keep an eye out for Cornwall throughout the racing season. He is continuing to train and make improvements in his performance. The Paralyzed Veterans Racing team is fortunate to have him as a member.

On and off the bike, Cornwall is one of the hardest-working competitors on the racing scene.

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Contributor: Seth Arseneau.

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