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Hard cider launched in San Francisco.

Hard cider launched in San Francisco

Thames America Trading Co. president Jeffrey House formally announced the launching of a Blackthorn Hard Cider consumer education and advertising campaign, that, starting in the San Francisco Bay area, "will ultimately impact nationwide."

"Most Americans really know very little about this delightful alcoholic beverage," commented House. "Taunton's distinctively dry, full flavored, Blackthorn Hard Cider with its rich and romantic history is unlike any domestically produced counterparts and might better be compared with a good table wine. Best of all, it's becoming increasingly widely available and appreciated in the United States."

Thames America is conducting a radio campaign during November and December, 1989, and will be spending $50,000 in the Bay Area in the hope of increasing consumer awareness and consumption of Blackthorn. The campaign is designed to reach a nine-county population of over 2 million consumers.

Additionally, Thames America has hired a public relations firm specializing in foods and beverages. Consequently, an incentive program has been set up for retailers; if five cases of Blackthorn are purchased, the retailer gets one free. The one-for-five offer will enable consumers to purchase a six-pack of 12-oz. bottles for $6.99.

In the Bay Area, promotional support will come from KKSF-FM radio and KOIT-AM/FM radio. Each will feature a contest in which the winner will receive a trip to England and to the Taunton Blackthorn Cider Mill in Somerset.

House explained that a hard cider campaign of this magnitude is unprecedented in the annuls of beverage marketing in the U.S., and added that "Blackthorn is well on its way to developing a sizable and loyal following."
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Title Annotation:Blackthorn Hard Cider
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 11, 1989
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