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Harbingers of failure.

Byline: F. Khan - Canada

The ill-starred nation, smothered and trampled by corrupt PPP government whole-heartedly aspired revolutionary and distinctive change. By virtue of gruesome maladministration, favoritism, nepotism and continual confrontation with judiciary the country was heaved down to the brim of financial bankruptcy and disrepute - nationally and globally.

In the survey reports of international agencies, the tenure of the previous government has been reckoned as most corrupt regime thereby badly tarnishing the image of Pakistan.

In the presence of all these tribulations, no country liked to come-up for any investment. Over and above, the national industries flew to the country where they could flourish their businesses with peace of mind and tranquility-far from electricity outage, extortions and ruination of property.

In the midst of distressing miseries, PMLN's proclamations resurrected the cadaverous enthusiasms of the crestfallen populace. To general public, dreamy slogans proved rouser.

They started re-dreaming of prosperity, security and wellbeing. But soon the solemn pledges to restore the tarnished fame of the country, bringing about radical change in life of masses, cheapening the edibles, improving law and order situation in the country - all proved nothing but thundering of empty vessel. The good hopes started evaporating.

And now, general public - literate or illiterate alike have realized their folly for making PMLN successful because their aspirations and hopes have proven to be only delusion or hallucination. Contrary to the PMLN mollifying statements in pre-election campaigning, a bigger beggary bowl - perhaps far bigger than that of PPP's -- has been picked up and disseminated to the rich nations, World Bank and IMF soon after attaining the helm of the country.

The masses already languishing below the poverty line has submerged further deeper in divestiture are now forced to face sternly serious predicament. As a result of grim pauperism, the solitary as well as family group suicidal rate has risen.

Who to call for reparation? Pakistan is known as agriculturist country with abundant grain produce but food items to sustain lives have become unaffordably exorbitant for poor sufferers - even worse than the previous corrupt regime.

While launching the election campaign and showing fabulous green gardens to the general public; was the PMLN leadership unreservedly unaware about the status of national exchequer? Had they no idea about the enormous shortage of electricity? How could they make false promises to combat the acute power shortage and provision of cheaper electricity? It seems like no substantive strategy was conceived to banish disastrous terrorism ahead of time. Nothing viable is seen to debug the foreign policy. The drone attacks too could not be stopped despite PMLN leadership's repeated assurances.

When we talk of political vision and wisdom, it is observed that the leadership is very much lacking in this aspect - hence incapable of generating desired outcome. It can be safely asserted that the entire leadership is incompetent and ineffectual and that there is no probability of any improvement in the next four and a half years - if at all it could pull on and survive that long. Even the prime leadership is marked unable to express their view points and demands undauntedly - they read out the written notes and statements while facing big powers without highlighting any incumbent emphasis.

In a nutshell, the present government has completely failed to deliver which has incited great anxiety and dismay in erudite tier and man in the street alike.

The disgruntled people of the country are now impelled to supplicate for mid-term elections. Under the prevalent circumstances, it is difficult rather impossible to wait for completion of nightmarish tenure.
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Publication:Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
Date:Nov 30, 2013
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