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Harassment: The Real Scene.

Harassment: The Real Scene, Video, 2006, Coastal Training Technologies, $795--$845.


Support: leader guide, employee handbooks (10), PowerPoint slides.

In this day and age, it's surprising that sexual harassment is still an issue in the workplace. However, statistically, it is the most common form of workplace harassment. Therefore, all businesses should take time to review and train all employees on sexual harassment and specifically, the different forms it can take.

The good news is that companies do not have to tackle this project alone. There are many products available to help with this and a good one to look at is Harassment: The Real Scene by Coastal. This DVD is packed with lots of useful information so you can hit the training floor running.

Pop the DVD in any computer to access the materials found on the DVD-ROM menu. Located here is the Leaders Guide, which is a must-read. This is 35 pages of very useful information from sample training agendas to discussion questions to use in an actual training session. You'll also find course evaluations.

Other options on the DVD menu are a PowerPoint slideshow that can be changed and customized to fit your needs, a fill-in-the-blank quiz, and pre- and posttests. One note: if you are using a TV with DVD player, you will not be able to access these features.

From the DVD menu, you have the option of watching the video in either English or Spanish. The video explains step by step what harassment is and the different forms it can take and shows many examples of harassment, ranging from subtle to the more obvious.

There are many things that I like about this video. First, it explains in easy-to-understand terms what is sexual harassment, including hostile work environment and quid pro quo and mentions harassment based on other protected classes as well. But it goes further than that. The narrator explains and shows through the use of different scenarios the difference between subtle harassment and more blatant forms of it.

In addition, it covers the difference between intention and perception. Many times in the workplace, someone will do something unintentionally that offends another person. Although it is unintentional, we have to be mindful of others around us and their perception of the behavior.

Taking responsibility for our own actions and treating coworkers with respect are important principles that should be covered in every sexual harassment training session, and this video does so, something I have not see in some other products.


Do I recommend this product? Definitely. With sexual harassment having the liability potential it does, all businesses and all employees would benefit from watching this video, or better yet, attending a training session that allows for discussion and question-answer sessions based on the video. The subtleness that harassment can take and how readily someone's actions can be misinterpreted are important for everyone to understand. Harassment: The Real Scene helps employees understand both.

I also recommend the companion piece, Diversity: The Real Scene. These two videos can make a strong training session (or two)--and make a statement. One caution, however. If you use both, watch the videos in their entirety and plan out your training session accordingly, as both videos use some of the same scenarios. But with a little pre-planning on your part, this should not be a problem.

Review by Linda Pacheco
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Harassment: The Real Scene

Overall rating *** 1/2
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Author:Pacheco, Linda
Publication:Training Media Review
Date:May 1, 2007
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