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Happy little Miller has good appetite; @WalesOnline If you want your newborn to appear on this this page contact Thomas Deacon on 029 2024 3648 or email

Baby's name: Miller Reid Conlon. Date and place of birth: 4.06pm on May 23 at Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend.

Weight: 7lb. Parents: Mum Tara Price, 29, a ward clerk from Bridgend, and dad Luke Conlon, 29, a heavy machinery engineer.

Mum's story: "Miller is my second baby and the whole process was pretty much the same to my first.

"I was very lucky not to have any morning sickness with Miller either and I didn't have any cravings.

"I was feeling quite relaxed about the birth, but this time was a lot more painful than the birth of Megan, my first child.

"We found out that we were having a boy and we were over the moon, we've got the full set now! We decided on the name before he was born after looking for ideas on the internet.

"We knew we wanted something different and Miller sounded right.

"I gave birth on my due date. I was induced on the day at around 1.40pm and I gave birth just after 4pm so it wasn't a long birth.

"I stayed in hospital overnight and went home the next day.

"It was quite surreal taking him home for the first time because it all happened so quickly.

"At the beginning he looked more like his dad, but now I think he's starting to look a bit more like me.

"He's a very good baby, from about six weeks old he started sleeping about 12 hours every night so there's no problems there.

"He's a very happy baby but he's teething at the moment so, like any little one, he can be a little bit grumpy at times.

"He doesn't like any teething rings though, so he just eats his hand instead.

"There's no problem with his appetite either, he's a greedy baby and he'll eat pretty much anything.

"It was a little strange with the age gap as Megan is 12 years old. It was lovely because it all felt so new again.

"Life has changed a lot since Miller was born, I'm just so busy all the time now. But it's a lovely kind of busy.

"The reason for having the picture of Miller with the helmet is because his dad is a keen motorbiker. I'm not sure if I'd let Miller have one when he's older though."


Baby Miller Conlon takes a nap on his dad's motorbike helmet AMPLIFIED STUDIO

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 15, 2016
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